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Cassie, a typical high school girl, is ditched by her childhood friends. Now she has to fight to get them back.

4 Seasons, 41 Episodes
April 5, 2018
Cast: Emily Skinner, Mackenzie Ziegler, Devenity Perkins, Samuel Parker
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Total Eclipse Full Episode Guide

  • It's the season finale of Total Eclipse, but the drama is just heating up. Diana, Kate, and Jenna get some extra dirt on Axel that could change things between them forever. Meanwhile, Sam has a major question for Cassie.

  • Diana, Cassie, and Jenna are desperate for the truth about Axel's true intentions. Meanwhile, Sam's time in the spotlight has earned him a little extra attention back home.

  • It's all coming together for the girls at Millwood as the truth about Axel becomes increasingly obvious. Meanwhile, far from Millwood-Sam gets the opportunity of a lifetime.

  • Morgan accidentally causes a power outage, putting Millwood and all its students in the dark. But, when Cassie & Axel are forced to share a room together and Kate & Diana must do the same, this power outage brings some long-held issues to the light.

  • Kate invites the girls over for her birthday party. What promises to be a fun bonding experience among friends turns out to be anything but.

  • Tea begins to boil as Diana ditches school-with someone else's boyfriend?

  • Jenna continues to vie for Axel's attention, but his roving eye has all the girls at Millwood questioning his intentions.

  • Diana just can't seem to catch a break, Kate continues to reel from the brownie fallout, and Sam decides to explore other opportunities for his future beyond high school.

  • Jenna obsesses over Axel, but this Millwood Casanova has other plans.

  • In the season finale of Total Eclipse, Luca confronts Sam about the stolen song. Morgan, Cassie, and the girls band together for one last ditch effort to release Jenna from Miss Dawson’s evil grasp. But, will they succeed?

  • Cassie and Diana reveal some startling new evidence about Miss Dawson’s past, but this evil teacher isn't going down without a fight.

  • Kate has an unusual way of dealing with her Aunt Bonnie's passing. Meanwhile, Cassie and Diana work as a team to uncover Miss Dawson's past.

  • Jenna is drawn ever closer into Ms. Dawson's clutches, despite Spencer's warnings. Meanwhile, Eli gives Morgan an ultimatum that could change everything.

  • Cassie and Diana try to save Jenna from Ms. Dawson's grasp.

  • Cassie and Diana form an unexpected alliance.

  • Jenna falls deeper under Ms. Dawson's influence.

  • The balance of power continues to shift at Millwood High.

  • Cassie discovers an unexpected enemy at school.

  • It's the start of a new semester at Millwood, and that means fresh drama.

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