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Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk is a slightly tongue-in-cheek anime TV series based of a Japanese arcade game named The Tower of Druaga. Once every few years during the Summer of Anu the demons populating the titular Tower of Druaga weaken. Providing an opportunity for the armies of the surrounding Uruk Kingdom and adventurers, called climbers, to attempt to fight their way to the top of the tower in search of a powerful item the Blue Crystal Rod. The story centers on Jil, a new climber who wishes to reach of top of the tower and becoming recognized as a hero, as he and his party ascend the tower despite numerous obstacles. Which include difficulties with his half-bother Neeba and the army of Uruk.

The show takes numerous shots at the source material as well as its genre, often breaking the fourth wall and going into 8-bit graphics style animation during crucial scenes. Backing up the action-packed adventure tale is expensive, high quality animation with liberal use of 3D CG.

2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
April 4, 2008
Cast: Kenn
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Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk Full Episode Guide

  • Neeba is at war with the gods! If Uruk is to finally know peace, he must be defeated - and Jil knows the battle is his to fight. As his brother transforms into a familiar evil, Jil steps up to play the hero!

  • One King fights two battles at once; the god-like shadow Gilgamesh engages the climbers, while the Gilgamesh below defends his throne. When the combat ends, a new threat makes his presence known.

  • Battles rage up and down the tower as Jil's band finally reaches the door that will open upon their greatest foe - the strengthening shadow of King Gilgamesh.

  • A traitor has torn Jil's band apart, and now the remaining climbers must regroup to save their allies. As the Tower transforms around them, the streets of Uruk are caught up in a violent riot of revolution.

  • As Jil and Neeba battle one of Pazuzu's assassins, treachery is revealed within Jil's group. When the brothers return to their comrades, they find the climbers in an alarming condition.

  • Jil's group finds an isolated mansion in a lush field where they encounter many of their dead loved ones! These fallen friends could prove to be illusions - but the foes that launch a surprise attack are very real.

  • In different sections of the Tower, both Neeba and Jil's parties are attacked by assassins. If the Tower's environment truly reflects Gilgamesh's turmoil, all can expect things to grow more dangerous.

  • Jil's party is attacked by a swarm of monsters that can only be destroyed by shadows. Unfortunately, with the dangerous encounter occurring in a sun-baked wasteland, shade is very hard to come by.

  • New revelations provide shocking news about King Gilgamesh, Kaaya, and what actually waits at the Tower's peak. But before Jil's crew can climb any higher, Druaga must be defeated once more!

  • Jil's band is betrayed by Melt, now a wealthy and corrupt businessman. As Ki is carted off by Gilgamesh's troops, the manipulative mage learns that treating people - and ropers - poorly doesn't pay off in the end.

  • King Gilgamesh's forces are tearing the city apart to find Ki, and the chaos is preventing Jil's ragtag crew from reaching the Tower - until Fatina arrives to clear the path!

  • Peace has come to the kingdom of Uruk, and Jil is trying to settle into a normal life. But his day to day routine is soon interrupted by a familiar face who demands he take her to the top of the Tower.

  • After a treacherous climb marked by so much pain and sacrifice, Jil fights the battle of his life against Druaga. When the fight ends, a shocking discovery proves that, for some, the journey is only beginning.

  • The epic battle to claim the Blue Crystal Rod rages, and the massive Druaga isn't the only enemy Jil's party must face. Magic and weapons fly through the air - and many brave warriors fall.

  • With Druaga's lair within reach, Jil's party must fight the elements, and other climbers, on the Tower's icy slopes. The final battle is about to begin - and the Summer of Anu is drawing to a close!

  • The climbers find themselves separated and in serious danger as they wander in circles through a section of the Tower where up is down and enemies are disguised as allies.

  • To cure Kaaya of a mysterious ailment, Jil must climb a crumbling tower within the Tower. The monsters and traps are many, and he'll need Kaaya's guidance to survive.

  • An enormous one-winged dragon must be defeated if the climbers are to continue toward the top of the Tower. Jil's band fights the beast alongside Neeba's group and the Uruk Army.

  • Coopa wanders off into dangerous territory with a young boy who wants to salvage his missing father's reputation. Jil must work with a crotchety old Guardian to protect them.

  • The adventurers find their patience tested as they brave a section of the Tower that's been booby-trapped by a mage. After enduring insult and injury, opening the exit door is no laughing matter.

  • A horde of Kusarakks is on the attack! With so little experience between the members of Jil's crew, they must make a crucial choice: will they run away or stand against the monstrous onslaught?

  • Jil's group is joined by two new members - young Coopa and an obnoxious mage named Melt. It's a motley crew, but with monsters falling from the sky, it will have to do. And so the climb begins!

  • After learning of an assassination plot against King Gilgamesh, Jil and his new companions, Kaaya and Ahmey, rush to prevent the nighttime attack.

  • Never before has a hero as heroic as Jil taken up arms to fight an evil as evil as Druaga. Jil is noble, brave, and - actually, he's dreaming if he thinks he stands even a little bit of a chance.

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