Ultimate Africa

Few countries can compete with Africa for beauty, but factor in the incredible cultures and the array of wildlife, and no other place can provoke such awe. Travel documentary Ultimate Africa reveals the splendor and intimidation which makes the massive continent so great. Each episode

explores the various landscapes, animals, and people that make Africa what it is. Led by

professional guide Jean du Plessis, the show reveals just as many sights as it does issues

faced by life within the country. We may be led to believe that life in Africa is simple and

crude, but Ultimate Africa shows that things can be much more complex and beautiful than


Animal Planet
2 Seasons, 9 Episodes
Documentary & Biography
Ultimate Africa

Ultimate Africa Full Episode Guide

  • Jean takes viewers walking with elephants and hunting with the Hazabe Bushmen. Also, a volcano shakes things up.

  • Jean visits the Maswa Game Reserve where very few people except professional hunters ever visit. He talks about poacher management on the wildebeast migration.

  • Jean returns to Ol Pejeta and talks to management about problem elephants that use their tusks to break through eletricfied fence and raid local villagers crops. .

  • Jean ventures to Gabon West Africa and takes a look at future tourism spots, wild beaches, un-habituated gorillas, and a close look at the future of Kongou Falls.

  • Jean marks and relocates 7 endangered rhinos from Kenya and goes on a search for a lost rhino named Millennium.

  • In this episode Jean takes a hike on the Western Boundary, takes a look at the Frankfurt Zoological Society, and the impact of tourism.

  • In this episode Jean has viewers look at the problems facing primates in Africa through habitat destruction.

  • A two part episode that looks at the conflict between predators and Masai livestock right outside of National Parks in Tanzania.

  • This episode takes an inside look at big game hunting in East Africa.

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