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UNPROTECTED SETS will take a raw, unfiltered look at stand up through the eyes of the funniest up and coming comedians from across the country. Shooting in Portland, San Diego, D.C., Minneapolis and Atlanta, each episode presents a compelling portrait of a comedian on the verge of breaking out to become the next big name in comedy. The diverse lineup of breakout talent offers insights into the motivations behind baring one's soul for a living. Their dynamic, personal, and hilarious performances - where nothing is off limits - will show us exactly how, in their own inimitable way, each comedian turns life into art.

Unprotected Sets is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (23 episodes). The series first aired on October 5, 2018.

Where do I stream Unprotected Sets online? Unprotected Sets is available for streaming on Epix, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Unprotected Sets on demand at EPIX NOW, Amazon Prime, EPIX, The Roku Channel online.

Friday 11:00 PM et/pt on Epix
2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
October 5, 2018
Cast: Becky Braunstein, Rob Christensen, Scout Durwood, Mohanad Elshieky
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Unprotected Sets Full Episode Guide

  • Marlena Rodriguez and Ali Sultan are spotlighted.

  • Debra DiGiovanni discusses everything from camping to prison, and even the sexuality of a VCR. Blaq Ron delivers hilarious insights on race, killer bees, and Karens.

  • Every bit as sharp as he is hilarious, Julian McCullough has a lot to say about the world today... and why you should never own an ostrich. Meanwhile, Amy Miller is raw, honest, and hilarious, delivering an unapologetic and raucous set.

  • With a quick wit, Leonard Ouzts's polished material covers his views on marijuana and the proper etiquette of being part of a rapper's entourage, while Oregon native Arlo Weierhauser explodes with charm, delivering laughs on a range of topics.

  • With a larger than life stage presence, Jared Logan delivers a hysterical set highlighting stories from his repressed childhood in West Virginia, while the honest and poignant Clayton English explores race relations, politics and more.

  • Oddball Dave Waite's creates hilarious insights into race, depression, and what never to do on mushrooms. Plus, meet Rita Brent, crowned the 'Best Undiscovered Comedian in Mississippi' in 2018, and who hasn't stopped killing it since.

  • A rising star in the comedy world, Kabir Singh delivers a killer set about his Indian upbringing that's fast, fearless and funny. Meanwhile, Kellen Erskine's dry sense of humor and razor sharp wit makes just about anything hilarious.

  • One of the funniest exports from Canada, Steph Tolev brings the laughs with a big energy and absurd personal stories. Meanwhile, Corey Rodrigues lights up the stage with a wide range of stories that are honest, sharp, and most of all, hilarious.

  • The unrestrained Kira Soltanovich takes you through her family's wild journey form Communist Russia to modern-day California, while classic joke-teller Mike Vecchione lands punch after punch in a hilarious, rapid-fire set.

  • American comedians who are on the verge of making it big in the industry are featured. Hanna Dickinson is known for her brash and hilarious bits while Calvin Evans' acts exude with a weird mix of charisma and silliness.

  • Scout Durwood mixes songs, dances, and stand-up comedy in a performance.

  • Jessa spent her childhood going back and forth between parents, one of which was a drug addict. She married early, had a child, and started hitting open mics. She left her husband and started doing stand-up full time in 1997. Shortly after that, her life took a turn when she became addicted to crystal meth. Through her recovery from her addiction, she found her way back to comedy.

  • Like any real Midwesterner, Shane is riddled with depression and was never supposed to talk about it...until now. Shane takes a deep, yet comedic look at traditionally taboo subjects like suicide and depression. His act is entirely self-deprecating and personal and he uses his own struggle with mental health as a vehicle for expression and healing. But much like his personal life, he balances out his act with other topics like CrossFit and science.

  • Paris's takes on racism, feminism, and family slay the crowd at her home club, the D.C. Improv.

  • Mohanad is living the American dream. His observations about American life are razor sharp as an immigrant from the no-fly country of Libya. While many comedians perform for the love of the spotlight, Mohanad is performing for survival.

  • Becky Braunstein is one in a million. As an Alaskan Jew, she tells stories of her life in the Last Frontier. After a life change prompted her to move from Alaska to Portland, she is taking the mainland by storm.

  • The story of Rob Christensen, who turned his life around with stand-up.

  • Named Atlanta’s best stand-up comedian in 2017, Mia Jackson has caught the eye of comedy superstar, Amy Schumer. She is the country girl next door you want to be best friends with as she delivers hilariously snarky jokes about highly relatable subjects. She’s proving to audiences everywhere that she can handle herself in this “Boys Club” of comedy.

  • Daniel is a fifth-generation Texan. Growing up in the nineties in Hurst, Texas as a gay boy who didn't fit in had its challenges. Daniel's unique take on being an empowered gay man in the heart of Texas is as powerful as it is funny.

  • Raul was born in Mexico, crossed the border with his family, and was raised in Texas. After serving three tours of duty on the front lines of Afghanistan and Iraq for the US Army, Raul sought the comfort of comedy to help with his PTSD. He truly sees the comedy in tragedy and his act highlights the lighter side of everyday life and war.

  • When you are one of thirteen children you've got to stand out - or stand up - to get attention. After her dreams of becoming a WNBA player were cut short by a tragic accident, Zainab found her way to the stage - and now she is about to break out from the pack again. Her smart and edgy storytelling is informed by her experiences growing up in Harlem in an African-American Muslim family.

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