Waybuloo is a Canadian and British television series designed for young children. The show incorporates both live action and CGI animation. Set in the land of Nara, this show has four main characters, known collectively as the Piplings. The main characters all have large eyes, animal ears and large heads. The Piplings names are Nok Tok, De Li, Lau Lau and Yojojo. The Piplings are fond of an exercise called Yogo, which is similar to gentle Yoga. Direct sunlight activates an ancient machine which cues each Yogo session. Viewers are encouraged to participate in the exercises demonstrated. The Piplings also have pets called Narabugs which are shaped like butterflies. The Narabugs are the same colors as The Piplings. The last half of the show is dedicated to showing real children, called Cheebies, participate in Yogo sessions and help the Piplings discover solutions to problems.

The show, created by Dan Good and Absolutely Cuckoo, was first aired on CBeebies in May 2009. The Yogo exercises used on the show are created by the show's producers with the help of a pediatrician and a health and safety consultant. The show's creators encourage parents and children to use caution when practicing Yogo. They also encourage viewers to consult with a physician before trying any new exercise.

The show was developed by Zodiac Media Group and DHX Media. Waybuloo is DHX Media's second CGI animated television show. The head writer for the show is Marc Seal. Each show is directed and animated by Gallus Entertainment for Decode Entertainment. Post production work including sound design, editing and final audio is completed by Platform Post Production. In Canada, the show is part of RDF Media's subsidiary company, The Foundation.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
May 11, 2009
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Finlay Christie

Waybuloo Full Episode Guide

  • Lau Lau is making herself a sparkly tiara, when she sneezes and blows the last of her glitter away! But then she sees a sparkling off in the distance. She hopes it's something she can use instead and they all go to investigate.

  • De Li discovers a frog in her garden which makes a very odd noise. De Li thinks this is funny and wants to share it with everyone, but the frog becomes silent. De Li is frustrated that no one else gets to hear the sound that made her so amused.

  • Nok Tok finds a cave that makes his voice echo. But he thinks someone is in the cave talking to him and is convinced that he has found a new friend! The others join him. Then, the children realise that it's an echo and have to convince the Piplings.

  • Yo Jojo has perfected his triple spin. The others are very impressed as they can only manage a double. YoJojo is so pleased that he starts to show off a little bit. But then he gets the hiccups and can't do anything!

  • Nok Tok gets bird seed from a fir cone with his Anything Machine. He tries to share his three cones with Lau Lau, but can't divide them equally. The children solve this by putting all the fruit in Nok Tok's Anything Machine -and turning it into juice!

  • YoJojo finds a bird and they sing together beautifully. He puts it in a basket to keep it safe while he goes off to Yogo, only to find that it has stopped singing when he returns. He and the other Piplings try everything to get it to sing again.

  • Yo Jojo eats some delicious mango. But all the other mangoes he finds aren't ripe yet. He doesn't want to wait to eat some more and share it with his friends -so he tries every strategy he can think of to make them change colour and go softer.

  • The Piplings are playing Tricky Kicky -a Naran version of a football penalty shoot out, but De Li hasn't got the confidence to play. The other Piplings each try to teach her their methods for taking a kick.

  • NokTok finds YoJojo's lost ball and they decide to play with it together. NokTok discovers that he can't catch as well as the other Piplings. Despite everything he tries, he just becomes more frustrated.

  • YoJojo plays happily with his narabug in De Li's garden. But when he returns, the narabug has disappeared and a big scary shape appears on the side of De Li's garden shed. With the help of the other Piplings and the children, Yo Jojo tries to be brave!

  • De Li has some beautiful jiggly seeds which will grow into cabbages. Before she plants them, she wants to know how many there are -but again and again she loses count.

  • Nok Tok discovers a strange new plant which he decides to look after. When it becomes droopy, he goes off to get water. While he's gone, Yo Jojo plays his Pipling Pipes and the plant seems to respond.

  • A beautiful bubble floats past Yojojo's home, and he chases after it to stop it bursting.

  • Nok Tok builds a car in order to help De Li, Yojojo and Lau Lau lift and carry things.

  • Lau Lau paints pictures of bananas, but Yojojo wants to eat them.

  • De Li has a large plant in her garden that won't open its flower. She tries putting it in the sun and watering it but it won't flower. Eventually she works out it flowers by stroking it. It produces lots of seeds and soon the flowers are everywhere.

  • The friends discover a bird has made a nest out of a cushion.

  • Lau Lau plans a show for which she has prepared a special dance, but her friends join in and spoil the performance.

  • De Li discovers a box she used to pick fruit from a tree has disappeared.

  • Yo Jojo and Nok Tok make noise with a hollow branch, but the sound scares Lau Lau's narabug.

  • De Li wants to pick lots of strawberries to share with her friends, but is unable to find the fruit patch.

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