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  • TV-14
  • 2019
  • 1 Season
  • 4.6  (219)

What Just Happened??! is a brand new experimental TV show that premiered in June 2019 on FOX network in the US. The show is hosted by Fred Savage, who is best known for playing Kevin Arnold in the classic TV series 'The Wonder Years.' The format of What Just Happened is a bizarre mash-up of a panel show, a talk show, and a recap show, all rolled into one.

The premise of the show is that it's a fictional talk show about a fictional sci-fi series called 'The Flare,' which doesn't actually exist. However, it's presented so convincingly that most viewers could believe that 'The Flare' is a real show. Each episode of What Just Happened??! features an opening monologue from Savage, who talks about 'The Flare' and previews what is coming up on the fictional show within the show. Then, a panel of celebrity guests comes on board to discuss the previous week's episode of 'The Flare' and give their opinions on what happened.

The guests on What Just Happened??! come from a variety of backgrounds, including comedians, actors, writers, and sci-fi enthusiasts. The guests usually riff on the most ridiculous aspects of 'The Flare,' such as the recurring character of a giant white tiger or the bizarre dialogue that the actors deliver with utter sincerity. The show does a great job of parodying the pitfalls of genre television, and the guests seem to have a lot of fun poking fun at themselves and the genre.

In addition to the guests, the other anchor of the show is Taylor Tomlinson, who serves as a 'social media correspondent' for the fictional show. Tomlinson reads comments from viewers in real-time, as if 'The Flare' was airing live. She also takes questions from the guests and viewers, most of which are usually too ridiculous to answer seriously. Tomlinson's role on the show is to bring a modern twist to a very old-fashioned format, and she does that extremely well.

Another recurring element of What Just Happened??! is the 'Flare Fan of the Week' segment, which is exactly what it sounds like. A supposed viewer of 'The Flare,' who wears a robe and has his face obscured, is introduced and given the opportunity to ask questions of the panel. This is a pretty unique segment for a panel show, and it's somewhat disorienting, but also kind of hilarious.

The show also includes some surreal and tongue-in-cheek sketches in between the discussion segments to give the show some of its humor. For instance, in one segment, Savage was shown trying to install a toilet in a bathroom while a giant white tiger watches him. In another, Tomlinson played the role of a psychic who channels the advice of 'The Flare' characters.

One of the most interesting things about What Just Happened??! is its ability to blur the lines between reality and fiction. Although 'The Flare' is entirely fictional, the show within the show is presented as if it is real. It's similar to the approach that Andy Daly took on the 'Review' sketch show, and it adds a layer of mystery and subversiveness to the already funny premise.

In terms of aesthetic, What Just Happened??! is an impeccably produced show, with top-notch sound and lighting design. The set is a sleek and futuristic looking stage, with cool blue lighting that creates a relaxed ambiance. The production design is highly stylized, with posters and props from 'The Flare' placed around the panel.

In conclusion, What Just Happened??! is a highly original and amusing genre-crossing show that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who loves sci-fi, comedy, or weird television in general. Although 'The Flare' is not real, Savage, Tomlinson, and the guests do an amazing job at selling the premise so convincingly that it sometimes feels like the real deal. Despite its absurdity, it is clear that the creators of the show are also fans of the genre, making it a show that should be enjoyable to all sci-fi fans.

What Just Happened??! is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on June 30, 2019.

What Just Happened??!
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9. Havenbrook
September 1, 2019
After "The Flare" is cancelled, Fred is heart-broken but must now do his job discussing FOX's new hit teen drama "Havenbrook." Ron Funches and former WWE wrestler Paige stop by.
8. Elevator
August 25, 2019
When Fred gets stuck in an elevator and is unable to host the show, Taylor must face her biggest fear, hosting the show alone. Ike Barinholtz, Jillian Bell and Taran Killam stop by.
7. Neighbor
August 25, 2019
Fred struggles to discuss the mysterious cliffhanger from "The Flare" and speak with his guests because of a new noisy neighbor on the stage next door. After the neighbor wins over Taylor, Fred has to try to get through the show on his own. Eric Stonestreet and Randall Park stop by.
6. Family
August 4, 2019
Fred Savage's passion for "The Flare" is taking a lot of his time and energy, so his wife decides to call into the show to get his attention. Yvette Nicole Brown and Rob Corddry stop by the show.
5. Parents
July 28, 2019
When Fred's new studio neighbor gets so loud that it disrupts WHAT JUST HAPPENED??!, Fred brings in a network executive to resolve the dispute. Tiffany Haddish stops by the show.
4. Preempted
July 21, 2019
A crazy car chase on the news stops THE FLARE from airing and Fred doesn't have anything to discuss until a call from a fan changes everything. Joel McHale also stops by.
3. Assistant
July 14, 2019
Fred Savage's commitment to THE FLARE has him spread too thin and leads him to wanting to hire an assistant. THE MASKED SINGER judge Ken Jeong and actor Fred Willard stop by the show.
2. Spoiler
July 7, 2019
Savage interviews filmmaker Kevin Smith and "Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan.
1. Flarenomenon
June 30, 2019
Based on Savage's all-time favorite fictional book series, THE FLARE is centered around a solar event and its effects on a small town in Illinois as the town descends into a post-apocalyptic battle for human survival. Savage interviews the star of THE FLARE, Kevin Zegers, and tensions run high.
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  • Premiere Date
    June 30, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    4.6  (219)