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The Travel Channel presents this documentary series that takes a look at vacations gone horrible awry. Real people tell the stories of their extraordinarily bad vacations; forest fires, volcanos, animal attacks, airplane mishaps, and accidents are all featured through the videos recorded by the unlucky holiday goers who experienced them.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
2 Seasons, 36 Episodes
November 28, 2010
Cast: Jim Forbes
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When Vacations Attack Full Episode Guide

  • A tourist films at the zoo as a man is savagely attacked in a lion exhibit.

  • A circus motorcycle stunt ends disastrously

  • A fisherman gets bit by a shark while trying to remove a hook from its mouth

  • A bungee jumper's cord snaps, sending her crashing down into a river with no help in sight

  • A professional alligator wrestler gets attacked on the job

  • Hikers get stranded on a mountain, and events take a drastic turn for the worse when their rescue chopper crashes in front of their eyes

  • A skydiver's landing doesn't go as planned; a skier experiences a life-or-death situation in Switzerland; a skateboard race turns into a dangerous stampede.

  • Two divers get stuck inside a shark cage with a great white; two skiers collide in the Swiss Alps; a tourist falls down a waterfall.

  • A skier gets caught in an avalanche; a kayaker gets trapped underwater; a hotel catches fire in Thailand with two travelers stuck on the 16th floor.

  • A traveler has a heart attack while on a cross-country road trip; a skier crashes into a tree at Mammoth Mountain in California; an alligator snaps at its handler during feeding time at a gator farm.

  • A boy parasails into a building as his family looks on in horror.

  • A small plane crashes into a lake in Michigan.

  • A huge wave crashes onto a tourist in Hawaii, pulling him into a whirlpool of powerful tides. Also: A skydiver's parachute malfunctions.

  • A snowboarder falls in a tree well and is at risk of being suffocated by snow; a man smashes into rocks from a rope swing; a giant marlin stabs a fisherman's son in the throat.

  • A monkey attacks a boy who's vacationing with his family in Honduras; a fishing boat sinks into icy waters; an escape artist's performance goes horribly wrong.

  • Two friends decide to participate in the running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, and one of them gets speared.

  • A woman witness her husband crashing his motorcycle on their honeymoon; a diver is bitten by a shark; a veteran pilot crashes his helicopter.

  • A skier gets tackled by an avalanche; raging bull breaks loose at a rodeo; a fighter plane breaks into pieces over families picnicking in a park.

  • A lion attacks a TV host.

  • A man rolls 60 feet down a mountain; a homemade chopper crashes and explodes.

  • The crash of US Airways Flight 1549 into the Hudson River on Jan. 15, 2009, is recalled by passengers. Also: a deaf motorcycle rider loses control of his bike; a diver is dragged by a pilot whale.

  • A diamondback rattlesnake interrupts a couple's romantic getaway in the Arizona desert.

  • A grandmother goes skydiving and crashes.

  • An angry bull gets loose from a rodeo.

  • A seven-person bungee jump goes horribly wrong.

  • A Harrier jump jet crashes into the ocean; a cliff diver gets injured.

  • A minivan flips over and catches fire, trapping a child inside.

  • A forest fire disrupts a family road trip.

  • A sailboat capsizes, imperiling the family on board and their would-be rescuers.

  • A rope swing breaks, leaving a girl unconscious and bleeding.

  • Teens get trapped in their hotel room when a tornado hits during their spring break

  • A speeding boat races at a group of snorkelers. See what happens next.

  • An air show in Staten Island, New York turns a day in the park into sheer panic.

  • A popular tourist attraction becomes a nightmare when an alligator decides to clamp down. Then, a hot air balloon gets blown off course straight into power lines.

  • A flight needs to make an emergency landing.

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