Wildest Arctic

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A documentary series that explores a single year in each of four different areas arctic. The Taiga forests span from North America to Siberia and are home to a third of the planet's trees. The tundra is one of the harshest environments on the planet until it plays host to massive herds of caribous during the brief summer. The Arctic ocean which the Narwhal, Beluga and Bowhead Whales call home, as well as its ice bears. And finally the wildlife of Iceland and its magnificent terrain formed from arctic ice and fire from its still active volcanoes.

Discovery Channel
1 Season, 4 Episodes
December 17, 2012
Nature, Documentary & Biography
Cast: Paul McGann

Wildest Arctic Full Episode Guide

  • Discover Iceland's beauty and meet the wild animals of this unique area, from the Arctic fox to the largest colony of puffins in the world.

  • The Arctic tundra covers one-fifth of the earth's surface and belongs to the coldest and most arid areas on the planet, but there is life nonetheless.

  • Follow a year in the life of animals, such as the brown bear, that have adapted to the freezing Taiga, which contains one-third of the world's trees.

  • The area around the Arctic Circle is one the of the greatest wilderness areas. We film an entire year in the Arctic where life depends on the seasons.