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Wildest Islands is a television documentary. This show focuses on the wildlife on islands around the globe. Traveling around the world in order to document wildlife on various islands, the focus is on the diversity of the wildlife on each island visited. The show explores whether or not geology or human population had anything to do with the diverse ecology of each of these islands.

The focus of this documentary is on wildlife. In many environments wildlife tends to be the same. The in-depth look of this show is on the wildlife of islands worldwide where that has not been the case.

Discovery Channel
1 Season, 12 Episodes
December 31, 2012
Nature, Documentary & Biography
Cast: Paul McGann
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Wildest Islands Full Episode Guide

  • Rugged mountains and expansive coastline remain unblemished by human expansion, making the Falklands a unique home for wildlife, especially penguins.

  • The Philippines is home to many rare animals, including the bearcat, which looks like a cross between a bear and a cat but is related to neither.

  • Vancouver Island's glaciers fuel some of Canada's tallest waterfalls, and a system of rivers and creeks provides Pacific salmon with an ideal habitat.

  • Japan's 7,000 islands cover a range of climates, from frozen seas and snowcapped mountains to sun-kissed beaches and steamy mangroves.

  • The Anavilhanas and Mariua archipelagos are deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Flooded for 6 months of the year, the islands are a fortress of submerged trees and wandering vines, and home to some of the most unusual creatures in the world.

  • Japan's 7,000 islands stretch for over 2,400km, and cover an incredible range of climates. Winter in the central and northern islands can be savage, but summer in the sweltering southern islands couldn't be more different.

  • Among the Hebrides archipelago's many treacherous elements is the world's third-largest whirlpool, whose roar can be heard up to 16 kilometers away.

  • Two monsoons strike Sri Lanka each year, drenching the plains with weeks of torrential rain. The rest of the year, animals endure months of drought.

  • The Galapagos archipelago's wilderness is pristine; human influence has been so limited that it allowed one man to rethink the laws of nature.

  • Each of the Caribbean's 7,000 islands and reefs -- from just a few meters wide to hundreds of kilometers across -- is home to its own unique wildlife.

  • Africa's Zanzibar archipelago is a much-loved holiday destination, but bizarre creatures -- many of enormous size -- also roam the islands.

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