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  • 2021
  • 3 Seasons

Wipeout is an American television game show that originally aired on ABC from 2008 to 2014, and was revived on TBS in 2021. The show features a diverse cast of contestants competing in obstacle courses designed to test their physical abilities, agility, and endurance. Wipeout is known for its high-energy atmosphere, comedic tone, and elaborate stunts and challenges, making it an entertaining and engaging viewing experience.

The show consists of three rounds, each of which narrows down the field of competitors until only one remains. In the first round, contestants race through an obstacle course filled with various challenges that are designed to knock them off balance, splash them with water, or send them flying through the air. The obstacles range from giant swinging pendulums to slippery balance beams to rotating platforms, and everything in between.

Those who successfully complete the first round advance to the second round, where the obstacles become even more challenging. This round typically features larger-than-life obstacles such as the "Big Balls" - a series of giant inflatable balls that contestants must traverse by jumping from one to the next - or the "Sweeper" - a large arm that swings around and knocks contestants off an elevated platform if they aren't quick enough to dodge it.

The third and final round - known as the "Wipeout Zone" - is the most difficult of them all. Here, the remaining contestants face a series of four obstacles that have to be navigated faster than their opponents. The final obstacle typically features some kind of water-based challenge, such as a slide or a launch into a pool of water, adding an extra level of suspense and excitement to the competition.

Throughout the show, contestants are accompanied by two hilarious and irreverent hosts - typically a man and a woman - who provide commentary on the action and interview contestants both before and after their runs. In addition, sideline reporter Camille Kostek interviews contestants and provides updates on their progress throughout the competition.

In addition to the main competition, Wipeout also features various side contests and games between episodes. These can include "The Rah-Rah Ramp", where contestants have to throw beanbags onto a ramp to make it light up, or "Snack Attack", which involves catching food items dropped from a platform while running through an obstacle course. These games are designed to add an extra level of fun and entertainment to the show and give the hosts and contestants a chance to interact in a more relaxed setting.

Overall, Wipeout is a fun and exciting game show that appeals to a wide audience. With its engaging challenges, comedic hosts, and goofy obstacles, it has become a fan favorite and a staple of American television. Fans of reality TV, physical challenges, and comedy are sure to enjoy this high-energy, entertaining show.

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  • Premiere Date
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