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World Without End is a mini series that follows the people of the English town Kingsbridge as the world changes drastically. Royal upheaval has left England without decisive rule, and the current ruler, Edward III, is a pawn of his mother, Queen Isabella, and her consort, Lord Mortimer. Religious plotting and nobles' quests for power have impact not only the lives of high born politicians but the common folk of Kingsbridge. The mini series expands to France and Italy as the characters set out into the world, but returns to England to follow the goings-on of the people of Kingsbridge.

Caris, a young woman of Kingsbridge, is at first only concerned with the well-being of her family, but comes to yearn for change in her town. Her lover, Merthin, is the son of a local Earl, and together with Sir Thomas Langley they try to help Kingsbridge advance in infrastructure and medical care. Their personal lives are sometimes helped and sometimes hindered by the events of Kingsbridge. The peasants of England are not happy with their rulers, and there are stirrings of revolt. All the while, Europe is dealing with the Black Plague, and France and England prepare for a war that would last over one hundred years.

Caris is played by Charlotte Riley, and Tom Weston-Jones plays her lover Merthis. Ben Chaplin plays Sir Thomas Lanlgey. This historical romance features a wide range of characters, some from history and some from fiction. The series follows the people of Kingsbridge for over a decade. The period drama is richly costumed and portrays the daily lives and culture of the people in 1300s England.

This mini series was aired in eight parts. It was based on a novel of the same name by Ken Follett, and is the sequel to Ken Follet's novel The Pillars of the Earth. Michael Caton-Jones directed all eight parts. The novel was adapted for television by John Pielmeier and Ken Follett. The series was aired internationally in 2012. The series was also released on DVD in 2012.

World Without End is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on October 5, 2012.

Where do I stream World Without End online? World Without End is available for streaming on ReelzChannel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch World Without End on demand at Amazon Prime, Vudu, Starz online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on ReelzChannel
1 Season, 15 Episodes
October 5, 2012
Cast: Ben Chaplin, Charlotte Riley, Nora von Waldst
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World Without End Full Episode Guide

  • Advised by Petranilla, Ralph uses this revolt against his own tyranny to convince Queen Isabella that peasants are rebelling against the crown.

  • Edward III bids farewell to his teenage daughter Joan as she leaves to Spain to marry the Prince of Castile, an ally against France.

  • The Black Death plagues England leaving Kingsbridge in complete chaos.

  • Godwin puts his strict religious views on Kingsbridge. He also decides to use some land to build himself a house, which clashes with Mother Cecilia's wish to build a hospice for Caris to run. Merthin is dismissed as the bridge builder and Caris is accused of witchcraft but Mother Cecelia figures out a way to save Caris's life. Merthin stands up to Ralph when he unfairly takes wool from the local merchants. Ralph's despotism takes him to face the gallows accused of rape. The battle with France is lasting longer than expected and more soldiers are needed. Prisons are emptied to replenish the army which makes Ralph save his neck.

  • Caris helps the wounded from the bridge collapse and hopes to open a hospital. Godwyn schemes to become Prior after the drowning of Prior Anthony. The Hundred Years War begins when King Edward III declares war on France.

  • The town is busy with Fleece Fair, but the rickety bridge may fail any day. After being forced into a marriage, Caris continues to see Merthin and tries to win him the rebuilding of the bridge. A trial results in tragedy.

  • Edward III is crowned after Queen Isabella defeats and imprisons King Edward II. Rumors are flying in the town of Kingsbridge that the imprisoned King has been murdered, a knight full of secrets arrives looking for sanctuary, but will change the fate of the citizens.

  • A mysterious knight flees for safety among the monks of Medieval Kingsbridge; the English king is overthrown; headstrong young Caris' fate is sealed as she is forced into marriage.

  • Godwyn plots for control of Kingsbridge Priory accuses Caris of being a witch; Caris' would-be lover, Merthin, is chosen to rebuild the bridge while, Ralph, seeks revenge.

  • War with France rages on; Caris, now a nun, goes on a dangerous mission seeking the King's permission for a special project; Godwyn's control of the town is slipping away; the Plague takes over Kingsbridge.

  • Kingsbridge picks up the pieces after the Plague; Godwyn flees; Caris and Merthin reconcile and join Langley to lead a revolt against the Crown; Langley reveals a historic secret.

  • The Black Death makes its way to England; Kingsbridge is ravaged by the plague and descends into chaos.

  • Godwyn is shocked to discover Caris has been made Prior; a peasant rebellion against Lord Ralph.

  • Caris and Merthin plan to leave Kingsbridge. Brother Thomas reveals his true identity. The King, knowing the thrown is in peril, decides to personally lead his army to stop the uprising.