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  • 2019
  • 3 Seasons
  • 8.6  (96)

Your Home Made Perfect is a unique and thought-provoking show broadcasted on BBC Two, hosted by Angela Scanlon, in which talented architects work with homeowners to help them redesign and transform their homes. The show takes a new approach to home renovation, utilizing virtual reality (VR) technology to create two innovative designs – one favored by each architect – for homeowners to consider. The virtual versions of both designs are then projected onto the walls, and homeowners can walk around the virtual rooms to help them visualize the final outcome of each design.

The show thrives on the fact that no two families are the same, and neither are their homes. From bungalows to edwardian terraces, the series follows the experts as they tackle various homes and unique design challenges. Each episode features families and couples struggling with various parts of their home. Some may have just had a baby and need more space, while others may want to make their home more accommodating for elderly relatives. Whatever their needs may be, the architects take it upon themselves to create a tailor-made design solution.

The two highly skilled architects who showcase their work on the show are Laura Jane Clark and Robert Jamison. One architect comes up with a contemporary, unique design, while the other offers up a more traditional design, blending in with the home's existing aesthetics. Both designs are creative, leaving homeowners spoilt for choice.

The program also educates viewers about how different designs can impact our mood and well-being. The design of our surroundings can influence our overall happiness, productivity, and even our health. The architects explain in detail why they chose to design a particular space in a particular way and how they believe it will affect the homeowners' quality of life.

As a design show, the show aims to encourage families to think more imaginatively about their homes. It does away with the usual home renovation model where a builder is brought in to work on an extension or a loft conversion. Instead, using VR technology, the architects hope to show people the endless possibilities of what they can achieve with existing space.

Angela Scanlon is the host of the show and does a great job of leading viewers through the process, explaining the benefits of each design, and giving an insight into how it will transform people’s homes. She also offers a human element, and viewers get to know the families featured on the show, sympathize with their struggles, and realize how significant a home renovation can be for a family.

Another unique feature about the show is that viewers get to pick their favorite designs via a quiz. The quiz polls the audience on which design they prefer on a range of criteria, including the exterior of the house, the use of space, and the materials used. It is an intriguing addition to the show that makes viewers feel more invested and also encourages them to engage with the homes.

One of the most appealing aspects of Your Home Made Perfect is how it highlights the environmental benefits of buying an existing property rather than a new-build. The show demonstrates that with the right kind of designs, you don't need to consider knocking down and completely rebuilding a property to make it into a comfortable, efficient, and modern home.

In conclusion, Your Home Made Perfect is an intelligent and innovative show that offers viewers unique insights into the world of home renovation. It’s a combination of informative programming on how design can improve our lives and our homes and a more general interest in houses and how we live in them. The use of VR technology also adds an exciting dimension to the show. The series is a must-see for anyone interested in interior design, architecture, and home renovation.

Your Home Made Perfect
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  • Premiere Date
    April 16, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    8.6  (96)