Yozakura Quartet

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Yozakura Quartet takes place in a town called Sakurashin. This town holds mysterious and supernatural creatures known as "Youkai" who pose no threat to humans. This town was also built to connect both the youkai and human worlds together around seven cherry blossom trees that are known as the "Nana-gou".

Surprisingly, the youkais make up nearly half of the population in Sakurashin. However, there are four young and strong beings who are chosen by fate to do their best to protect their town and the gate that links both species together.

Thursday 1:30 PM et/pt on TBS
1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 2, 2008
Cast: Rie Tanaka, Tomokazu Seki, Sachi Matsumoto, Saki Fujita, Kaoru Mizuhara
Yozakura Quartet

Yozakura Quartet Full Episode Guide

  • Hime fights Enjin using the Dragon Spear. Enjin threatens to kill all the Senior Council.

  • Ao and Kotoha look for the energy source of the yokai.

  • The townspeople are upset that their safety is in jeopardy since the seven pillars have been ordered cut down. A pair of yokai attack but Hime can't defeat them.

  • The Senior Council order Hime and Akina to cut down the seven pillars.

  • Enjin demands Akina to open up the shrine and Hime attacks him.

  • Everyone is getting ready for the festival honoring the Seven Pillars. Ao is kidnapped by Enjin.

  • Gin's body is resisting Enjin. Hime and Kotoha become training partners. In an attempt to get Kotoha to the river, Shinozuka kidnaps some of her friends.

  • Akina meets with the Senior Council and is told to forget Enjin is in Gin's body. Everyone decides to go work for a daycare center but they are unable to control the kids until Ao uses her..

  • Hime has adopted a stray dog that she overfeeds & indulges so much that the townspeople begin to talk that she is neglecting her duties as mayor. Enjin tries to use the dog to attack Hime and gain..

  • A criminal, a rash of assaults and a new demon have the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office pretty busy. And with the city full of both humans and demons, there are plenty of bystanders to be promoted to hostage.

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