The Eden of Grisaia

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The 3rd installment in the series, events begin immediately following the close of The Labyrinth of Grisaia. Kazami Yuuji has been detained by the government for suspicious activity. The other students at Mihama Academy, a special, prison-like school, must decide if they will come to the aid of Kazami, who has befriended them, or allow their world to change around them while they do nothing to change with it.

Sentai Filmworks
3 Seasons, 20 Episodes
April 20, 2015
Cast: Kaori Mizuhashi, Erika Narumi, Takahiro Sakurai, Ai Shimizu
The Eden of Grisaia

The Eden of Grisaia Full Episode Guide

  • Tartarus, a gigantic, man-made island, floats on the Pacific Ocean. It is both the adversary of society, and the castle of Heath Oslo, Yuuji Kazami's mortal enemy. Oslo quietly awaits the moment Yuuji Kazami, the final key he needs to fulfill his ambitions, appears before him once more.

  • The Mihama girls have executed their intense getaway and have rescued Yuuji. Waiting at their goal is Kazuki Kazami, who lived as the core of Thanatos for a long time. This unexpected encounter leaves Yuuji and Amane unable to hide their surprise, but circumstances don't allow them time to savor their emotional reunion.

  • The international terrorist Heath Oslo uses nuclear weapons as a shield to threaten the nation. The nation plans to make Yuuji a human sacrifice in their dealings with Oslo. There is no other way to save Yuuji from this crisis but to rescue him as he is transferred from Ichigaya to Akasaka.

  • A formless supporter, "Thanatos," suddenly supports Amane and the others. "Her" objective is also to liberate and rescue Yuuji Kazami. Thanatos and the Mihama girls' interests align and begin preparing to execute their mission. The girls are perplexed by Thanatos's seemingly cryptic instructions that unfold via cell phone, but they bring the girls better results than they ever expected in bringing their goal to fruition.

  • After Yumiko gets in touch with the informant "Jimmy," she and the other girls at Mihama Academy learn that the current situation is even worse than they thought. Although they have lost Yuuji and have been driven from the academy, they secure a new base of operations and plan a rescue mission for him.

  • Yuuji moves forward on his path as a soldier to protect "an important woman": Asako. However, she leaves his side without waiting until he's reached maturity. Yuuji is yet again tormented by a sense of helplessness, but is saved by Asako's parting words and begins to be able to walk on his own two feet once more.

  • Yuuji goes to America to follow the same path as Asako, and through his rigorous military life meets and forms a deep bond with war buddies who go through the same joys and sorrows.

  • Asako's poor health begins to interfere with her work. Yuuji senses her change in condition, and as he covers for her, he starts to think he may have found his life's meaning. Asako tries to respect Yuuji's resolve, but JB, who watches over both of them closely, is apprehensive about Yuuji's attempts to return to that violent world.

  • Asako Kusakabe rescues a young Yuuji from terrorists on a certain mission. She has evaded death as a soldier time and time again, and on a whim decides to become Yuuji's guardian. Although she partially forces it, and despite her coworker JB's concerns, the awkward female soldier and young man begin to live under the same roof.

  • Combating the very mindset drilled into him by the man, Yuuji sets out to face Heath Oslo.

  • As the girls ready the ship for travel and continue Thanatos' plan, Yuuji reunites with more than one special person.

  • The mission begins! But even with the nearly all-knowing Thanatos, rescuing Yuuji may prove problematic.

  • The girls' interests correlate with those of the disembodied Thanatos, and they begin to organize for their mission.

  • The girls procure a new "dorm" while searching for a way to rescue Yuuji. Strangely, help may be only a phone call away.

  • While Yuuji is away, Asako's condition worsens, but her final words aid him to move forward. He'll need to remember that message as a shadow from his past reappears.

  • As Yuuji follows the same path as Asako, his military life causes him to forge deep bonds with those around him.

  • As Asako's health begins to interfere with her work Yuuji covers for her and in doing so finds his path in life.

  • Yuuji's meeting with JB carries on as he tells of his life under the care of his master, Asako

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