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106 and Park is a giddy, spontaneous, and entertaining roller coaster ride through the amusement park of Hip Hop and R&B. The daily, hour long afro-centric journey is a fast paced countdown of the ten top videos voted on and requested by viewers. The live audience filled with screaming teens is touted as the "hottest, latest, and best music video show on the BET cable network."

Named after the E.106 Street and Park Avenue address in Harlem where the show was originally produced, 106 and Park is an iconic program that has been the flagship show on the BET network for over twelve years. Since its inception in September 2000, the show has featured top names in Hip Hop and R&B like Alicia Keyes and taken them from fledgling beginners to major performers in the urban music industry.

The show is a smorgasbord of delectable treats for its young audience. One show might feature a popular artist like Lupe Fiasco there to introduce and discuss his latest project; this might be followed by an interview with someone like Olympic gold medal gymnast, Gabby Douglas. Intermittently during these segments will pop up a music video or some lively banter between the co-hosts or the audience; and then it might jump to something like a hip hop competition featuring young rappers who are viewers of the show. 106 and Park has something for everyone.

Hosted by an attractive boy girl team, 106 and Park has always appealed to and represented the youth and restlessness that is the spirit of the African American teen. Offering advice and providing information, 106 and Park has talked with its audiences about issues like bullying, practicing safe sex, continuing their education, and the devastating effects of AIDS. The cacophony of the music and the squeals of the audience may turn some off, but to others 106 and Park is a place where they can hear the music and the concerns of the black community.

"Nobody's got you like we've got you" is BET network's newest slogan. The phrase is a good fit for the hold 106 and Park has on the hearts and minds of kids in the black community.

10 Seasons, 347 Episodes - Returning Series
September 11, 2000
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106 and Park
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  • Freestyle Friday continues on 106 & Park.

  • Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhane Wallis are in the studio to chat about their new film; 'Annie.'

  • Chris Rock is stopping by, with 'SNL' cast members Jay Pharoah, Leslie Jones and Michael Che.

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A Moroccan rapper finds himself awaiting a prison sentence over his lyrics. Mouad Belghouat was convicted Friday of insulting national security services both with his lyrics and alleged doctored photos posted online with a song. After an altercation Monday between supporters of Belghouat and police, Belghouat's defense withdrew. Friday, they weren't allowed a closing argument.

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None of the 11 shots fired early Sunday morning in Nashville struck rapper Young Buck in his SUV, but one injured his girlfriend, reports Nashville TV station WSMV. Police say that a white Chevrolet Tahoe drove past the rapper's vehicle around 3:30 A.M. and struck it 11 time. One shot grazed the shoulder of Kenyetta Rainey, who was treated and later released from Vanderbilt Hospital.

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She might've raked in some admirable major Grammy nominations, but BET has let Nicki Minaj know she can keep her latest clip. A BET rep that spoke with TMZ about banning Minaj's "Stupid Hoe" video wouldn't disclose why the network nixed the clip, but the blog claims that other nameless sources within the network said the clip was considered "too explicit.

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