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People love reality television, and no show is quite as beloved as American Chopper which airs on the Discovery Channel. Like most great reality shows, it depicts the lives of the individuals in an interesting family. The family in question on American Chopper happens to be in the business of designing and manufacturing custom motorcycles, but most of the drama and intrigue of the show come from situations which are familiar to most fans of the show, regardless of their experience with the motorcycle industry.

American Chopper is centered on the relationship between Paul Teutul, Sr. and his son Paul Teutul, Jr., both of whom are key to the success of the family company – Orange County Choppers. The father and son dynamic is sometimes depicted as loving and supportive, but is more often shown to be combative and full of conflict. This becomes particularly true when the company must work tirelessly to meet deadlines in its manufacture of custom bikes. The father and son duo has a tendency to get into intense arguments that become heated very quickly, but they usually mend their differences by the end of each episode.

Joining the two Pauls is Michael Teutul, who is the younger brother of Paul, Jr. Michael is shown to be incredibly easy-going, which is in stark contrast to the other Teutuls on the show. However, Michael – who usually goes by the nickname of Mikey – is typically the family member who is able to help his father and brother make up after a serious disagreement. Mikey is also key to the show's sense of humor, which is necessary to break up the many tense situations shown at Orange County Choppers.

In spite of the arguing and fighting, the Teutuls and their staff members are remarkably gifted at what they do. Their company has become very popular as a result of the show, but many customers give Orange County Choppers repeat business because the products made by the company are superior. Though it may take blood, sweat and tears for the Teutuls to finish any given project, the results are almost always impressive.

American Chopper has established itself as a classic in the reality television genre. If there is a formula for creating perfect reality TV, it is well-documented by the show and its portrayal of a fairly normal family going through stressful situations. The arresting depiction of life in the Teutul family combined with the insider's look at the custom motorcycle manufacturing industry make American Chopper one of the most popular, and most imitated reality programs of all time.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
6 Seasons, 180 Episodes - Canceled
March 1, 2003
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American Chopper Full Episode Guide

  • Basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal contracts OCC to build an enormous Superman themed chopper, the company's biggest bike to date. Meanwhile, Mikey returns to spend time with Senior.

  • Senior and the guys work on a big, bad chopper for their newest client, Gladiator Garageworks.

  • Kobalt taps OCC to build them a custom chopper. With a brand new set of tools, Senior and his team get busy designing and building an incredibly unique chopper. Junior gathers the family together and makes a truly life changing announcement.

  • Senior and the guys design a NASCAR inspired chopper for the Stewart-Haas racing team. Mikey puts his physical capabilities to the test and heads to Death Valley to participate in JDRF's Ride to Cure Diabetes. And Paul Jr. pitches a new line of dog toys.

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