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Bath Crashers is a show where host, Matt Muenster, stakes out home improvement stores waiting to ambush unsuspecting do-it-yourselfers. He asks them a series of qualifying questions about their home improvement project(s) in order to help him find the perfect bathroom to remodel. Sometimes this involves using part of an existing room or closet to make the bathroom space bigger. Oftentimes, it is a master bath in need of a major overhaul or a horrific under used bathroom. There have even been times where bonus rooms are included along with the bathroom.

If Matt finds a bathroom to be a good project to undertake he presents the situation to the home owner. If they agree he will completely remodel their bathroom within a few days. All it costs the home owner is their time and hard work. He follows the home owner to their house and assesses the bathroom. He talks with them about what they need/want from their bathroom along with their likes/dislikes. He leaves and when he returns he arrives with a gigantic crew of construction professionals and a hand drawn/computer generated design plan.

With the help of the homeowners, some of their friends/family, and his crew they transform bathrooms from outdated and gross to stylish and clean. Matt offers many tips, tricks, and techniques that are useful not only to the home owners but for viewers watching. The home owners learn about tiling, grouting, power tools, and many other useful DIY things. At the end of the show the home owners¸ Matt and crew review their handiwork proudly proclaiming that's a wrap!

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Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on DIY Network
9 Seasons, 116 Episodes - Currently Airing
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  • When you already have a big bathroom like these homeowners do, the possibilities are endless. Bath Crashers takes this big and boring space to the next level by completely blowing up the room and starting over.

  • A small bathroom gets much bigger by taking closet and exterior space. On the new outside wall, windows now surround a massive soaking tub. A custom vanity is wrapped in a leather finished granite, which also covers the entire wall.

  • A small bathroom is expanded and updated with a spacious vanity, teak shelving and flooring, and a unique ceiling.

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