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The U.S. space western BraveStarr was an animation produced by Filmation and Group W Productions that was syndicated around the world. Set on the distant planet of New Texas the plot revolves around Marshall Brave Starr, voice by Pat Fraley protecting the mining community of the planet from a criminal gang led by Tex Hex, voiced by Charlie Adler. as with most animations of the 1980's a line of action figures was produced to be marketed alongside the animated series.

65 episodes of BraveStarr were produced between 1987 and 1988 and placed into syndication; the series was the final production of Filmation, which was closed by L'Oreal and its various copyrighted works sold off to production companies around the world.

BraveStarr revolves around the life of a Marshall of Native American descent called Brave Starr and his horse sidekick called Thirty Three; the robotic horse Thirty Three assists Brave Starr with the use of his large gun known as Sara Jane. Throughout the series Brave Starr uses a number of special powers based on the abilities of animals commonly found on Earth; the Marshall's four powers are eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf, strength of the bear and speed of the puma. The special powers of Brave Starr are exaggerated versions of the animal strengths, for example the eyes of the hawk allow the Marshall to see many miles away.

During most episodes of Brave Starr the mining town and facilities of the planet must be protected from Tex Hex and his gang who usually wish to steal the crystal mineral Kerium. The crystal is an important fuel in the 23rd century for space travel. Each episode ends with Brave Starr and his friends discussing a moral story associated with the episode in the New Texas saloon; most Filmation animations carried moral messages including HeMan and SheRa.

1 Season, 30 Episodes - Canceled
September 14, 1987
Animation & Cartoons
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BraveStarr Full Episode Guide

  • Fort Kerium's supply of X-Kerium is threatened when Scuzz takes over Fuzz Uncle Murn's job of High Wizard of the Prairie People.

  • Impressed by BraveStarr's heroics, the son of a pod farmer finds that his own father pales by comparison. A Dingo attack on the farm gives Bravestarr a chance to show the son his father in a new light, and he learns the true meaning of being a hero.

  • Jeremiah, an elder prospector, is saved by Bravestarr from an attack by Sandstorm land crabs. The Prairie People take Jeremiah in, showing the old hermit that people really do care about others.

  • BraveStarr, Thirty Thirty and JB venture into the Badlands in search of a wild boy rumored to be living with Dingoes.

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