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Series Length:2 Seasons, 32 Episodes
Schedule: Monday 11:00 PM et/pt on MTV

Dating has changed significantly due to the digital revolution; both positively and negatively. Catfish: The TV Series, a new MTV production, attempts to tackle the misconceptions and myths that surround online dating. Online dating website traffic has tripled in the last several years, and more people than ever before are meeting their match on the internet. For many people, it is easier to talk online than to meet people in person. In this way online dating has helped the socially shy reach their full potential, but there is also a dark underbelly of the online dating world and Catfish: The TV Series aims to flesh out those issues in documentary-style footage. Each episode follows one couple who has met online and begun relationships without meeting in person yet.

The chosen couple meet for the first time on the show, agreeing to allow their interaction to be filmed. These couples are filmed in their first interactions and general feelings are revealed in a private, interview-style discussion. While the show is off to a controversial start the documentary-style production promises to highlight the good and bad aspects of the online dating world.

The show is the brainchild of a filmmaker who documented his experiences in the online dating world. The show operates under the premise that some people online are honest and are exactly who they say they are, some fib and lie to appear mot appealing, while others are the polar opposite of their online persona.

One of the first episodes to air revolved around a couple who had yet to meet in person. They were carrying on a serious relationship strictly via chat and with the use of pictures. Sunny believed the man she met online was her soul mate, but when she appeared at the meeting her soul mate turned out to be an 18-year-old girl. While the first episode is troubling, it highlights one of the major pitfalls of online dating.

Each subsequent episode is planned to operate in a similar style. The episode will highlight a couple and their road to meeting. Some meeting are promised to be good, other mediocre and others, still, dramatic. Viewers are encouraged to tune in and comment on the lives and dating styles of the people depicted in the show.

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Status: Currently Airing
Genre: Family, Romance
Rating: 8.5/10
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