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CBS Evening News is aired on CBS that is a famous news show known for their quality news and nightly updates on some of the world's most biggest issues. Many people who watch this news show are oftentimes shocked at the great quality news that they always have. They barely ever have bad news updates since everything is always checked. CBS Evening News has several people reporting from different places depending on where the news is coming from. They like to air anything that is going to benefit everybody that is watching. Celebrities are not often talked about on this news program unless there is a lot of issues being handled regarding that celebrity.

If you are very into nightly news and watching what is happening in other parts of the world, then the CBS Evening News is worth watching in the end. CBS Evening News is one of the best places to watch all kinds of news because of the great updates that are made with CBS and how they always showcase interesting news feeds constantly. CBS has been known for offering great news even in the mornings with great tv programs for morning news. You will find that CBS is a great channel that airs many television shows and tons of different news programs that can be quite educational.

Children do not need to watch the CBS Evening News Channel at all, and you will find that adults are the ones that really do need to watch this channel. There are tons of people who really do forget to look into watching the news on this channel, but it definitely is worth considering if you want to stay up to date with as many things as possible. Most people forget to look into the news, but it surely is helpful in the long run. News on the election, the president, and all about different natural disasters. Evening news is very important to look into to save you time and money in the long run.

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FCC Seeks Cell Phone-Jammer Input

Incidents in Philadelphia and San Francisco have the Federal Communications Commisssion wondering what problems private citizens jamming wireless communications might present. Both CBS News and CNN report that the emerging consumer availability of cell phone jammers captured the FCC's interest not long after a story broke Friday that a Philadelphia bus passenger used a device that jammed fellow passengers' devices when he found their conversations intrusive on his peace and quiet.

The Next Oprah? Katie Couric Officially Onboard for New ABC Syndicated Talk Show

After long, public discussions with all three major networks, Couric has landed a potentially lucrative deal at ABC in which she will own and star in her own daytime talk show. But does ABC have what it takes to make the latest Couric venture a ratings success?

Video: Watch Katie Couric's Final Sign-Off from 'CBS Evening News'

She thought about "Good night and good luck" and "And that's the way it is," and she even considered "You stay classy, San Diego." But eventually, Katie Couric decided that the best way to sign off was to simply say thank you. "In the end, it felt more comfortable and more me to just say, 'Thanks for watching,'" said Couric. "My sign-off won't be in the history books like Walter's, but I'm grateful my 'sign-on' may be."

Couric to Bid 'CBS Evening News' Desk Farewell Next Week

Set those DVRs and save the date: Katie Couric has announced when she'll sign off "CBS Evening News" one final time. Couric told her nightly news audience Friday that she would make her last bow with her May 19 broadcast, which she said would include a retrospective of the most pivotal stories she reported during her five-year tenure behind the network's anchor desk.

Breaking News: Osama Bin Laden is Dead and U.S. Forces Have the Body - Watch President Obama's Speech, Live News Coverage

Update: President Obama gave a speech to the nation minutes ago announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden and the capture of his body by US forces. Watch the video of the President's speech below, catch live coverage from MSNBC and read the transcript of the President's speech (courtesy of the Wall Street Journal).

Network Anchor Drama: Palin Takes Pot-Shot at Departing Katie Couric; Meredith Vieira to Leave 'The Today Show'

It's been a big week for network TV anchor news: Sarah Palin threw a punch after the bell at departing CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric, and People Magazine reported Meredith Vieira is leaving The Today Show.

Katie Couric Leaving CBS Anchor Post; Will Get Her Own Talk Show

Less than five years after making history, Katie Couric will make the "CBS Evening News" history. Almost five years ago today, Katie Couric announced that she would take the helm as anchor and managing editor on the network evening newscast, becoming the first woman to hold such a position. Couric settled nicely into the role as anchor, one many thought she would hold onto for years to come.

Katie Couric Weighs Options at CBS: Go or Stay For Less Money

Katie Couric has been behind some type of news desk in front of America since 1984. For 27 years, people have watched Couric deliver the news either in the early morning hours or in the evening, while dinner is on, but that may all be about to change. Couric’s contract with CBS is up soon and she has begun negotiating a new deal. Rumor has it the new deal would be worth considerably less money than what she is making now, because her profile did not leap CBS in the news standings compared to the other networks.

CBS Reporter Lara Logan Says She Will Return to Work After Brutal Sexual Assault

There was breaking news yesterday that CBS Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan had suffered through a brutal sexual assault and beating during Friday’s protest in Cairo. Lara was rushed home the next day and put in to a US hospital where she could begin to recover from her wounds. CBS and those close to Lara are keeping a tight lid on her exact condition and location.

Gunga Galunga: Bill Murray Wins AT&T National Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Discusses Going Pro

“Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters champion.” In what was easily the best story to come out of the sports world this week, Bill Murray paired up with pro golfer and fellow Illinoisan D.A. Points to win the 2011 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. This was no celebrity charity putt-around, mind you. The annual tourney draws a large cadre of professionals, this year including Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh.

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