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Celebrity Ghost Stories, is a Biography channel original program. In this show, celebrities tell of their experiences with the supernatural. The show is biographical in nature and runs for sixty minutes per episode. Each episode usually includes three different celebrity encounters.

Celebrities that are included in the program range from actors to musicians, directors, wrestlers and celebrity children. All age ranges of celebrities are included. Some of the people that have been interviewed are Marilyn Manson, Joan Rivers, and John Waters.

Each celebrity encounter is told as a story by the star about their experience. As the story is being told, other actors that look similar to the story teller, perform the encounter. This allows the viewer to actually watch what happened and not just hear the tale.

Many of the experiences described are of events that happened in the celebrities childhood. Another common occurrence that is described, includes visits to hotels or rented apartments that were stayed in and had haunting experiences. Happenings include hearing noises when no one was present or seeing apparitions.

Some celebrities tell of later encounters with loved ones. Including seeing or hearing from a recently deceased friend or family member. Others have described being injured in an accident and what they can only assume is an angelic style encounter. They relate to having been given advice or healing of some kind from those spirits.

Due to the nature of the content of the program, some people may find watching a little disturbing. Even though the encounters described are being told by the people that they happened to, watching the story is a little like watching a mini horror show. It may be surprising as to the identities of some of the celebrities that have ghost stories.

Saturday 9:00 PM et/pt on Biography Channel
8 Seasons, 102 Episodes - Canceled
October 3, 2009
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Celebrity Ghost Stories Full Episode Guide

  • A spirit visits Julie White backstage, Dominique Swain has a spirit that is connected with an antique chair in her house.

  • Downtown Julie Brown, Drita D'avanzo, Jai Rodriguez, and Nicholas Brendon share personal encounters of paranormal activity.

  • Louis Gossett Jr., Carolyn Hennesy, Nathan Morris, and Kevin Nash share personal encounters of paranormal activity.

  • While staying in a Las Vegas hotel suite, comedian Jim Norton encounters a spirit brutally killed by the mob years before; actress Penny Johnson is attacked by a demon that feeds on the pain and vulnerability of young women; actor Peter Scolari befriends a stray cat who saves Peter's life, after losing its own; Steven Williams led a life of excess until his deceased friend appears with a haunting message from beyond the grave.

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