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Dates From Hell is an epic reality and documentary television series that primarily airs on Investigation Discovery, also known as ID Discovery. This reality documentary television series has been rated as PG. Dates From Hell was directed by Jason Sklaver and it was produced by many outstanding producers such as David Price, Conall Jones, Alyson Charles, Thomas Cutler, Matt Sharp, and Jason Sklaver.

This reality documentary television series is mainly focused on various different men and women, of all ages, races, and cultures, describing their own personal experiences of Dates From Hell that they faced at one point in their lives. It doesn't matter whether they met these Dates From Hell online, through friends, or just about anywhere, all these dates end horribly, like something out of a horror film or terrible nightmare. Each date starts out perfect with maybe a dinner, a movie, or just going out and having fun. Unfortunately, shortly afterwards things take a turn for the worse, leaving these men or women fighting for their lives to escape. Dates From Hell even does reenactments of each person's story, so viewers can really see the true horror these people faced. They share their stories with the viewers in hopes to help teach people what to do if caught in a similar situation and to always be cautious when going out on dates.

Dates From Hell is not about dates that were boring or the person was annoying and talked to much. These are all dates that start out good, but end in a situation that is life and death. From being locked in a trunk trying to escape, being beaten, captured, to all the unthinkable. This television series truly shows how careful you must be when going out on dates and how unpredictable a person can be. You will learn that even the best of dates can end in a tragic event and that sometimes people are not the people the first appear to be.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
3 Seasons, 29 Episodes - Currently Airing
July 11, 2012
Documentary & Biography
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  • Debra and Alfonso have been dating a few weeks, but always on group dates. But tonight, Alfonso has something else in store, and wants to go out alone. After a romantic dinner, they go to the park where he proposes. But before she can answer, their date takes a violent turn.

  • Janae is a young college student in New York City. After going on a date with a local man, her ex-boyfriend confronts her and gets aggressive with Janae and her new date.

  • Cherie connects with a handsome doctor online. They meet up and spend a sunny afternoon on his boat in Portsmouth, RI. But their carefree date is about to get dangerous.

  • Dick and Jean decide to make things work and meet for a romantic dinner in San Jose. But Jean quickly learns that old habits die hard. What started as a reconciliation turns deadly.

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