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Deadliest Warrior is a television show that airs on the Spike channel and premiered on April 7, 2009. The show was originally produced by Morningstar Entertainment, with 44 Blue taking over in 2011. Spike Original has been involved in the production since the beginning, alongside Blue 44 and Morningstar Entertainment. Deadliest Warrior has had a total run of three seasons and 32 episodes and one special episode.

The premise of Deadliest Warrior is to see what warriors or fictional characters would win if they were to fight against each other. The show focuses on setting up battles between warriors that never had the opportunity to face each other in reality. One example would be the episode featuring a battle between a ninja and a pirate.

The show follows the same format for every episode. The first portion is an introduction and historical background on each of the combatants. This is followed by an introduction of the combat experts for each side. Once the introductions are complete the show moves on to a listing of the weapons each side will use in the battle. Each weapon is then put through various tests to determine which is most effective. The weapon that receives the most votes from the hosts is given the edge in the final simulation. Finally, the show moves on to a dramatization showing a battle between the two sides. Only one dramatization is shown, but 1,000 simulations are run, with the victor in the dramatization being the side who won the majority of the simulations.

The show has three permanent hosts and commentators, with different experts brought in to represent the competing sides. The first permanent host is Geoff Desmoulin. Geoff's specializes in the use of the high speed camera and is a medical expert. The second host is Armand Dorian, who is the primary medical specialist. Dr. Dorian provides feedback on if the damage caused by a particular weapon is a killing blow. The last permanent host is Max Geiger. Max is the individual in charge of programming the simulation software provided by Slitherine Strategies.

In conclusion, Deadliest Warrior is one of Spike's most popular shows. Deadliest Warrior has consistently provided the channel's highest ratings, despite low reviews from critics. The show has garnered enough support that it has expanded into a web series, multiple video games on multiple platforms, and a film adaptation with Paramount Pictures.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
3 Seasons, 57 Episodes - Canceled
April 7, 2009
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