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Dinosaur King is a popular anime television show that was adapted from a Sega video game and popular Japanese franchise. This show is aired in many countries including: Japan, Canada, USA, UK, and in England. This show was directed by the acclaimed Japanese director called Katsuyoshi Yatabe. In addition, Dinosaur King is shown in many networks including, Fox, Asahi TV and DKids.

The plot of this show is about two opposing forces that must battle each other; the good vs. the bad. The D-Team are the team of several dino-loving crime fighters who unite together to defeat the Alfa Ganda. The characters of this show include:

The D-Team Members, the good guys: Max Taylor- The young and fiery honorary D-Team leader who is voiced by Megumi Matsumotz and is the brains behind the operations. Max is the son of the paleontologist, Dr. Taylor and because of his father's knowledge; he too developed a passion for paleontology. He is impulsive and spontaneous and he tends to act without thinking about the outcome.

Rex Owen- He is Max's best friend who always stands on his friend's side; through the good and bad. He is portrayed as the nice, sweet and shy boy, but he does have a short temper when he is provoked. He was found inside of an egg-like container at a New York City paleontology exhibit and his parents left him there so he can find a loving family and stable home.

Zoë Drake- Daughter of two veterinarians who work at the local animal shelter, Zoë grew up with a love of animals-especially dinosaurs. She is the younger sister of Dr. Reese. She, like a typical teenage girl, always has her mind on her friends and celebrity gossip and boy bands.

Dr. Spike Taylor- A passionate paleontologist, Dr. Spike is the person who supplies the team with knowledge.

Dr. Reese Drake- The older sister of Zoë. Dr. Reese is Dr. Spike's trustworthy assistant who also doubles as an experienced and certified pilot. Zander seems to have feelings for her, but since she knows he is an Alpha Ganga member, she doesn't return the feelings.

Saturday 10:30 AM et/pt on 4KidsTV
3 Seasons, 109 Episodes - New Series
September 8, 2007
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Dinosaur King Full Episode Guide

  • While the D-Team are enjoying their vacation in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, an Acrocanthosaurus has been discovered. The D-Team and the Alpha Gang chase it to an active volcano in the ocean. Will the volcano erupt before they can collect the Acrocanthosaurus card?

  • After being captured by the Alpha Gang, the D-Team plots their escape. Lucky for them, Dr. Spike Taylor comes to their rescue. Can the D-Team claim the Ceratosaurus, reclaim Horny and escape the Alpha Gang's base?

  • In pursuit of a Ceratosaurus, the D-Team heads to Zeta Point -- and are surprised to discover that Zeta Point is the Alpha Gang's headquarters! The Alpha Gang ends up capturing them and, even worse, they get their hands on Chomp, Ace and Paris.

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