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Doc McStuffins is a children's television series in which the main character, Doc, is a beloved physician for any toys in need. With a shake of her toy stethoscope, the elementary school-aged Doc brings her toys and stuffed animals to life. The sassy Hallie the Hippo is always at the ready with her clipboard and dressed in her pin-striped nurse's outfit. She helps Doc run the clinic, which is in Doc's backyard.

In every episode, a toy that belongs to Doc or to one of her friends or brother is in need of a checkup. With help from Hallie and several other regular toys

Disney Junior
8 Seasons, 83 Episodes - Currently Airing
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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  • Emmie is excited to show Doc her new toy, Sadie, but is disappointed when she can't speak. Saltwater Serge confesses that he doesn't know how to play with Donny's Command Center.

  • When Hallie gets hurt playing basketball, Dress-Up Declan steps in as the nurse. While Doc and the Toys get ready for a snow day, Lambie accidentally snags Chilly's button.

  • While painting a plush portrait, Lambie gets linty and is scared she'll be left out. When Emmie and Alma accidentally leave their toy Moo-Moo at Doc's, they hold a ballet lesson.

  • Stuffy is distraught when Squibbles goes missing during his pet training. When Doc brings home a Locker O'Lemurs, the other toys are dazzled by their acrobatic talents.

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