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Doc McStuffins is a children's television series in which the main character, Doc, is a beloved physician for any toys in need. With a shake of her toy stethoscope, the elementary school-aged Doc brings her toys and stuffed animals to life. The sassy Hallie the Hippo is always at the ready with her clipboard and dressed in her pin-striped nurse's outfit. She helps Doc run the clinic, which is in Doc's backyard.

In every episode, a toy that belongs to Doc or to one of her friends or brother is in need of a checkup. With help from Hallie and several other regular toys

Disney Junior
12 Seasons, 113 Episodes - Currently Airing
March 23, 2012
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Doc McStuffins Full Episode Guide

  • Chuck the wind-up chicken keeps crossing the street without looking! Doc and the Toys discover a broken birthday present and rush to fix it before its kid returns!

  • During the middle of a speech, Mayor Billington's beak gets jammed and he can't talk! After hearing there's a monster in Bathtub Lake, Doc goes to investigate.

  • All the toys go to Boppy's birthday party and discover he lives in a bouncy house! While Hazel is in the hospital, Stuffy tries to sneak Squibbles in to cheer her up.

  • After her bank gets a crack in it, Nikki Nickel needs to stay at the hospital overnight. While exploring the Royal Lands, Sir Kirby decides to go off on his own.

  • The Med Students learn how to diagnose a patient. The toys take care of Karaoke Katie, a doll with an attachable karaoke machine.

  • Doc helps a toy that lives in the Giant Snow Globe. Hallie exhausts her voice and goes hoarse the day she's supposed to sing at a toy sporting event!

  • CeCe needs a bath! Wicked King has a crown-cussion.

  • Hallie feels unwanted. The toys go to help on a ranch.

  • Lambie is placed in charge of the hospital nursery on the first night shift and isn't able to get the babies to sleep.

  • Lambie works the night shift. Chilly overschedules.

  • The toys start Med School. Stuffy struggles to help.

  • Grandma gives Doc and her toys the surprise of a lifetime by taking them to McStuffinsville, a town made up entirely of toys, and puts Doc in charge of the McStuffins Toy Hospital!

  • Stuffy scrapes his belly. It's the Toyathalon!

  • Joni trips on her mane. The toys can't get to sleep!

  • Doc goes to the lake! Hallie teaches karate.

  • Baby McStuffins is home, but the family still hasn't found a name! The new baby toy, Lala, is having a hard time adjusting to her new home.

  • Mom and Dad McStuffins get the call - the new Baby McStuffins is here!

  • Nurse Hattie throws Doc's mom a baby shower! When the Wicked King steals Queen Amina's crown, he loses his own crown in the process.

  • While preparing for the arrival of the new baby, Donny fears that his parents are forgetting about him. After attending a biking event with her Dad, Doc gets a new toy Stella!

  • It's St. Patrick's Day and Doc brings home an Irish paper doll named Fiona. The toys are excited to meet Doc's new toy, Gillian the Giant.

  • Mom and Dad McStuffins have a surprise; a new member of the McStuffins clan! When Charlie Monster is injured, he needs new stuffing!

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