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There are a number of television shows that are among the most popular and widely known. One of these shows is known as Eureka Seven. This is an animation show that shows the many events that take place in the life of Renton Thurston and the group of outlaws known as Gekkostate. The show also goes over his relationship with a pilot known as Eureka and also the Corailans. There are a number of video games about this show as well so Eureka Seven has lots of exposure outside of regular television media.

Eureka Seven is a series that contained fifty episodes which aired from April 2005 to April of 2006. This show aired in Japan on a couple of mainstream networks in that country. One thing to note about the show is that each of the episodes were named after songs written and made by Japanese and foreign composers.

As far as the content of the show is concerned, it goes over the life of a 14 year old boy named Renton Thurston who is the son of a military researcher named Adrock Thurston. Adrock died during his attempt to help save the world. Renton was known to live a boring lifestyle which takes place in a boring suburb. His hobbies include lifting which is an activity very much like surfing. Renton vows to join a group known as Gekkostate which is run by his idol named Holland.

Fortunately for Renton the opportunity he was looking for comes about when a mechanical robot known as Nirvash Zero crashes into Renton's room. As a result the grandfather of Renton orders him to deliver an item known as the Amita Drive which releases a power known as the Seven Swell Phenomenon. Once this task was completed, Renton was offered to join Gekkostate. However he soon realizes that being a part of this group was not as glamorous and exciting as he initially believed. The only thing that makes being in the group worthwhile is the fact that he is able to be around Eureka. During his time with Gekkostate he will go on numerous adventures that will help influence his future and the entire world.

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2 Seasons, 52 Episodes - Canceled
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Eureka Seven Full Episode Guide

  • Dewey is able to create a hole in the Scub Coral that Anemone can slip through. Will Dominic be able to stop her from carrying out her suicide mission?

  • A death in the battle between the Swan and the Gekko has major psychological consequences for members of both crews. Meanwhile, Holland reveals to Renton that he has a past connection to the Beams.

  • Dewey's final trap takes away Eureka and makes her the center of the Control Cluster. Renton and the kids call out to her but she doesn't answer. Renton flies out in the Nirvash one last time to save Eureka and the world.

  • Dewey flies down to the Control Cluster to attack it directly. Holland infiltrates the Ginga to confront and stop Dewey. A duel between brothers ensues. Dewey commits suicide and his death activates Eureka's necklace and takes control of her to reach the Limit of Questions and destroy the world.

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