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Ever wonder what it would be like to be cryogenically frozen and wake up a thousand years in the future? Well the animated comedy series Futurama poses the hilarious answer to this question. Focusing on the life of Phillip J. Fry, a pizza delivery boy who finds himself cryogenically frozen on new years night during the year 2000, only to be woken up on new years day 3000, in the city of New New York. Built on top of the modern day city, what is referred to as Old New York, New New York is the epitome of 31st century technology, with flying cars in the air and alcohol-fueled robots walking the street. A satirical parody on the modern city of New York, New New York takes the problems of today and exaggerates them to extreme levels, with everything from mutants living in the sewers to robots causing global warming.

Fry soon finds himself working at the package delivery service, Planet Express. Made up of the cyclops Leela, the brilliant but senile, Professer Hubert J. Farnsworth, who is Fry's own nephew, and the robot simply named Bender, the three of them often finds themselves traveling to distant planets to deliver everything from pillows to honey from a bee hive planet. The cast also includes the companies much hated crustacean doctor, Zoidberg, as well as the ditzy Amy Wong and the rastafarian Hermes Conrad.

Dealing with many of todays issues behind the veil of a future Earth, Futurama uses many different types of humor to turn many of todays economic and political problems into jokes that everyone can appreciate. The diverse cast and many random celebrity appearances make the show unpredictable and always one step ahead of what audience thinks will happen next. The adventures of Fry as he works with Planet Express never get old and make for an exciting look at what just may be the future of our precious planet.

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Futurama Full Episode Guide

  • As the series comes to a close, Fry proposes to Leela, and together they face their future as the Professor's latest invention alters the fabric of time.

  • Dr. Zoidberg falls in love with a woman who is missing her sense of smell; Bender participates in a dangerous tap-dancing competition.

  • The crew are trapped on the ship with a horrific creature.

  • The crew infiltrate Fry's dreams to find the meaning of a strange alien melody.

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What's New Tonight: Wednesday, June 19th.

8:00 PM EST: “MasterChef” on FOX. A mystery box challenge, featuring mysterious foreign ingredients, is the star of the show. The contestants are tasked with preparing a meal for the cast and crew of “Glee”. Jane Lych, Matthew Morrison, and Cory Monteith will serve as judges. “Melissa & Joey” on ABCFAM. Mel starts dating an old friend from her childhood, but Joe worries that Mel may be related to the man she’s dating and not know it. Lennox learns that one of her blog sponsors may engage in some unfair labor practices.

Not Sure if Sad or Just Disappointed... 'Futurama' Not Renewed

“Futurama” has been cancelled. Again. Comedy Central decided not to renew the futuristic animated comedy, which means the show will end its 140-episode run September 4th. The final episodes (13) will hit the air June 19th, completing the seventh season. The show, which previously aired from 1999 to 2003, was brought back to television in 2007 with direct-to-DVD movies. Comedy Central aired these in half-hour increments. The series won the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program twice.

'Futurama' Season 9, Episode 13 Recap - 'Naturama'

Opening Credits Gag: "Tell Your Parents It's Educational!" Hey, I learned some stuff today. The Highlights: It seems that the tradition now is to end the season with an episode that splits into three minisodes. Last season ended with an episode that used three different animation styles, but this one is a little simpler: they're all just nature documentary parodies. Yes, Mutual of Omicron presents these Wild Universe installments that show us the mating habits of a few different species on Earth.

'Futurama' Season 9, Episode 12 Recap '31st Century Fox'

Opening Credits Gag: "Today's Episode Brought to You by the Letter [untranslatable alien symbol]." I'd like to think it's pronounced "EEE-quigarck." The Highlights: It all starts with the crew losing their uniforms to that pesky Mothzilla, and having to travel to the "Garbage District" for new duds. They find what they were looking for, but Bender finds something even better: a fox hunting outfit. Since he's Bender, he decides to go on an actual fox hunt, and since Leela is Leela, she decides to protest the cruelty of it.

'Futurama' Season 9, Episode 11 Recap - 'Viva Mars Vegas'

Opening Credits Gag: "Made By Hand (and Tentacle)." Hey, it's the hand-made opening! They released that sucker before the season premiere. You can check it out below. The Highlights: The gang is bored, so Amy offers to take everyone to her parents' casino in Mars Vegas. Kinda makes sense that Vegas would be on Mars, doesn't it? Sadly, Zoidberg is not invited, as Amy thinks that poor people don't really have a place in Vegas. Poor Zoidberg. He's left alone for the weekend in his dumpster, but gets a nice surprise when the Robot Mafia hides an $8 million take in the dumpster while escaping the cops.

'Futurama' Season 9, Episode 10 Recap - 'Near-Death Wish'

Opening Credits Gag: "There's No Bismuth Like Show Bismuth." Oddly enough, not the only shout-out to Bismuth in this episode. The Highlights: The really fun thing about the most recent seasons of "Futurama" is that we keep finding out new stuff about our characters. Hermes did Bender's inspection, Farnsworth saved Zoidberg's life, etc. In this episode, we learned a bit more about Farnsworth. A lot more, actually. Fry is disappointed that Farnsworth doesn't show up to see him win his Clippie award for Best Delivery Boy - Miscellaneous, and laments that he doesn't have any other relatives in the future.

'Futurama' Season 9, Episode 9 Recap - 'Free Will Hunting'

Opening Credits Gag: "Warning: Do Not Show to Horses." That one made me legitimately chuckle. The Highlights: It's a Bender episode, which means it will fall into one of two categories: the petty types (Robot Fighting League, the Iron Chef one) or the lofty types (Godfellas, one of my personal favorites). It's pretty clear from the start that this is the latter, as Bender starts the episode by explaining to Fry that yes, it does matter whether or not he chooses to wear his nerd glasses, because every decision creates a new universe and whatnot.

'Futurama' Season 9, Episode 8 Recap - 'Fun on a Bun'

Opening Credits Gag: "50% More Colors Than Bargain-Brand Cartoons." So that's why my eyes are bleeding. The Highlights: For a bit of R&R, the gang goes to Oktoberfest. But like most things in the future, Fry finds that this version is much different from the one he used to know. Gone are the days of chicken dances and getting black-out drunk; the future's Oktoberfest is the classiest festival around, a celebration of how far humans have evolved. That word, "evolved," comes into play later.

'Futurama' Season 9, Episode 7 Recap - 'The Six Million Dollar Mon'

Opening Credits Gag: "This Episode Worth 250 Futurama Points." I'm rich! The Highlights: It's a Hermes episode. Sometimes that's a great thing, other times it ain't. We saw greatness in the episode "Lethal Inspection," which had a heartwarming partnership between Hermes and Bender, and while this one doesn't quite live up to that standard, there was still a good amount of funny here. The story is this: Hermes fires himself from Planet Express (now THAT'S a true bureaucrat!) and later gets mugged by Roberto.

'Futurama' Season 9, Episode 6 Recap - 'The Butterjunk Effect'

Opening Credits Gag: Purveyors of Entertainment to Her Majesty the Space Queen. Fancy! The Highlights: Let's see... which two characters have we not fully examined the relationship between yet? How about Leela and Amy? Yes, this episode follows Planet Express' only two female employees (if you don't count the mop bucket) as they embark on a journey of friendship through beating the crap out of other women. It all starts with a delivery to the moon, where the gang takes in a bout of the Butterfly Derby.

'Futurama' Season 9, Episode 5 Recap - 'Zapp Dingbat'

Opening Credits Gag: "Cancel/Ok." What if they had pressed cancel? What would we have watched? Another "South Park" rerun? The Highlights: It all starts at the 40th anniversary party for Leela's parents, Morris and Munda, where things take a turn as the couple gets into a lover's quarrel big enough to split them up. Like, divorce split. But the two are now free to pursue their dreams, which includes surfing the world's sewers for Morris, and seeing space for Munda.

'Futurama' Season 9, Episode 4 Recap - 'The Thief of Baghead'

Opening Credits Gag: "If the show's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'." I'm curious... which other show is "Futurama" getting freaky with? The Highlights: A bit of a down week this week, as things got odd pretty quickly. Plus, while Calculon is a pretty hilarious character in concept, he always feels misused somehow. In any case, things start with Bender messing around with his camera at the aquarium and annoying everybody because he still uses film.

'Futurama' Season 9, Episode 3 Recap - 'Decision 3012'

Opening Credits Gag: "Made From 100% Recycled Pixels." Ah, so that's why this episode smelled like a burned-out Dell. The Highlights: It's an election year, and things usually get pretty good on "Futurama" when politics are involved. Or technology. Or religion. Okay, pretty much anything that can be harshly satirized is great on this show. Truth. This time around, it's all about getting that rotten Nixon out of office. Everybody seems pretty much set on voting for him except for Leela, who wants change.

'Futurama' Season 9, Episode 2 Recap - 'A Farewell to Arms'

Opening Credits Gag: "Ask your doctor if Futurama is right for you." The Highlights: A "Simpsons"-esque opening shows Fry attempting to show Leela romantic gestures--all of them involving her taking his hand--only to see them all go awry... and eventually leading to another plot point entirely. When Fry pursues a badger down a hole to retrieve his pants (yeah, there's a bit of narrative meandering), he discovers a cave with ancient markings. It's Amy who identifies the markings on a giant stone tablet in the underground pyramid: it's Martian writing, and it warns that the world will end in the year 3012.

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