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The Australian television series H20: Just Add Water debuted in July 2006. The show will appeal to children and young adults as it tells the story of three best friends who become mermaids after becoming stranded on Mako Island. The girls jump into a magical pool, which is underneath a dormant volcano. When the full moon drifts over the pool, the girls become the magical creatures. After their rescue, the girls are unaware of the change until they come into contact with water. Once water touches them, they quickly turn into mermaids.

The three friends are Emma, Rikki and Cleo. The girls are 16 years old and live in Australia. After they turn into magical mermaids, they realize that water related situations have become challenging such as taking a bath, participating in pool parties or facing a rainy day.

The girls soon discover that they have new water related powers along with their fins. Rikki can manipulate the heat within water. For example, she can make it warm up or even boil. Later, during the series, she gains power over fire and lightning. Emma has the power to freeze water, and her abilities develop into control over snow, clouds and ice. Cleo

Friday 4:00 PM et/pt on Nickelodeon
3 Seasons, 91 Episodes - Canceled
July 7, 2006
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H2O Full Episode Guide

  • Sophie and Ryan damage the Moon Pool in their efforts to obtain the rare crystals. The girls improvise and use their own magic to prevent the impact of the comet and a planet wide catastrophe. Rikki, Cleo and Bella graduate with a surprise.

  • Cleo discovers a comet is causing fish to flee the waters around Mako Island. The girls find a way to restart the message in the Moon Pool and discover the comet will collide with earth. Sophie meets Ryan and with Zane's help they join forces to remove the crystals from the Moon Pool.

  • Don gets a second job at the Marine Park on the Pirate ship and outshines Cleo, threatening the future of her Dolphin show. Bella and Will find difficulty trying to connect with each others' interests.

  • Bella's eager to ask Will to the end of year party until she sees him asking Rikki. A big misunderstanding occurs which prompts Will to express his true feelings for Bella. Sophie tries to get Zane to change the name of the cafe.

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