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Based on a British show of the same name, chef Paul Patranella and his friend Bill Allen tour the United States sampling the local culture and the best food from regional chefs. Patranella is a former White House Chef and while Allen is a chef, he's mostly just on the show for the laughs.

The two men ride their motorcycles from town to town and manage to hit everything from a Garlic Festival to a Rocky Mountain Oyster eating contest. The two chefs have a great chemistry and the show is as much about laughs as it is about the food.

History Channel
1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 10, 2011
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Hairy Bikers Full Episode Guide

  • The bikers are in Maine and hop aboard the boat of a lifelong lobsterman who shows them a typical day's work. Back on land, the boys go digging for clams in muddy flats and throw down a traditional beachfront seafood bake with a local chef.

  • Bill and Paul indulge in the pioneer spirit of Kentucky where squirrel season is starting. After capturing a few, the bikers hit the Bourbon Trail and Maker's Mark distillery puts them to work churning out Kentucky's signature Bourbon whiskey. They join up with a group of local bikers and learn that the best way to cook up squirrel is the wild frontiersman stew called Burgoo.

  • Bill and Paul set out for some nighttime spear fishing and beach-side pan-frying in South Carolina. Later they take a little history trip when they harvest rice from an old plantation's paddies and bring all the ingredients with them to an underground dinner party thrown by a secret culinary group called Guerrilla Cuisine.

  • Bill and Paul roll into Jackson, Mississippi where the soul food culture is famous for making use of every part of the pig. Many favorite local dishes are made from the least expensive parts... including skin, ears, feet, intestines and stomach. They bikers learn the secret to a famous Pig Ear sandwich and visit a local pig butcher to break down a pig and make their traditional Hog Head Sauce. Finally, they join the 50th Anniversary celebration of "Jackson's original soul food restaurant," where they fry up some pig feet and help the crew make a delicious batch of hogmaws (pig stomach) and chitlins (pig intestines.)

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