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9 Seasons, 115 Episodes - Canceled
August 17, 2009
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  • Former well-known interior designer, Sandra, has hoarded out every corner of the historic mansion that was take from her by foreclosure. However, she won't leave the manor.

  • A lady attributes her hoarding to demons possessing her home; a guy faces charges when the stockpile in his historic San Francisco Victorian house starts on fire and almost burns down the block.

  • A lady's farm is in jeopardy because of a substantial hoard triggered by preparation for an economic crash. Also: a hoard of plants have overrun a man's home and he risks losing his family if he can't tidy things up.

  • A lady's place of dwelling is red tagged as unlivable and she must clear it up prior to an imposed deadline or risk losing her property. Also: unclean conditions keep a woman from taking her husband home after a heart transplant.

  • A pair who have hoarded themselves out of their house confront the loss of their property if they can't bring it up to code; a gal's collection of Christmas adornment poses a risk to her diabetic spouse.

  • A neurosurgeon and past political mogul approaches potential bankruptcy if he can't auction off some of his $10 million hoard to relieve his debts; a lady who loves "Storage Wars" has accumulated so many storage units, she can hardly live in her house.

  • A lady is on the verge of bankruptcy because of her gift hoarding habit and a grandmother may forgo custody of her grandsons.

  • A lady's family intervene and evacuate her and her granddaughter from their house because of her shopping addiction and a former spa owner may loose her partner due to a hoard.

  • A woman is in danger is losing her home due to hoarding shoplifted items and an illegal hoard of dogs and a man uses hoarding to cope with a lack of family support after he came out as gay.

  • Sandy's sister, Nona, owns the family home where Sandy has lived her entire life. Nona hasn't been inside the home in 10 years.

  • A woman resides in a backyard cat sanctuary while rodents infest her jam-packed house; the owner of a camera store repels customers with his hoarding.

  • Updates on a few of the most unforgettable hoarders who appeared on the show.

  • A woman faces financial ruin after hoarding out her triplex and dance studio. Also: a woman's home is on the cusp of being condemned, forcing her family to intervene.

  • A widow begins hoarding because of kleptomania she developed after her husband's death, but the home owners insurance may discontinue coverage due to unsafe conditions. In addition: a lady's family warns they will call the SPCA because she has a habit of hoarding cats and dogs.

  • A woman stands to lose her beloved home if she doesn't remove the filth and animal carcasses inside; a teenager demands that his parents clean up their stash of Halloween items and other assorted junk.

  • A house is presumed hazardous to live in and a lady must move out of her home because she doesn't have room for herself.

  • A lady's children want her to move out of her car and purge her stuffed house; a woman from Napa Valley may lose her two young kids if she doesn't clean out her clutter.

  • A woman from San Francisco owns $1 million in teddy bears; a man is begged by his relatives to clean up his home.

  • A young mother and former model is afraid Child Protective Services will intervene if she doesn't clean up her messy home; a woman must clean things up before the city steps in and condemns her home.

  • The fire department and health department order a woman who is afraid of germs to clean up her filthy, mice-infested home.

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