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Ice Loves Coco is a reality television show airing on E! Entertainment Television. The show depicts the life of American rapper and actor Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin. The couple live together in California with their pet bulldog, Spartacus. Born in New Jersey, Ice-T was involved in gangs while growing up. He later joined the Army, and spent four years in the Army before leaving to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. After attaining success as a musician and actor, he started touring as a public speaker and is now also a motivational speaker to young kids throughout the United States. He also continues to act in movies and television shows in addition to appearing in Ice Loves Coco.

Coco was born Nicole Marrow in Palos Verdes, California. She is the daughter of parents who were both in acting. Coco has experience as a model, actress, dancer and fashion designer. She has also worked at events at the Playboy mansion and has appeared in numerous men's magazines.

The show depicts the everyday life of Ice-T and Coco, and features everything from the two vacationing in Hawaii to the birth of their dog's puppies to deciding whether or not to have children. Although the couple sometimes experiences conflict, the overall theme of the show is the couple's love for each other and the daily activities they do together. The show has featured their anniversary celebration, their family reunion, and their rule for spending time together. "No matter how crazy our life is, we try not to spend more than 24 hours apart," says Coco.

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Sunday 10:30 PM et/pt on E!
3 Seasons, 27 Episodes - Currently Airing
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Ice Loves Coco Full Episode Guide

  • In the season finale, Coco finally makes her way to Vegas to make her big debut in Peep Show.

  • As Coco begins rehearsals for Peep Show, she anticipates her move to Las Vegas for three months, and reconsider being away from Ice for so long.

  • When Hurricane Sandy hits, Ice and Coco have no power and are surprised by some unexpected house guests. Coco collaborates with the Salvation Army to give back to those who suffered from the storm.

  • Coco hopes to create her dream dog park. She has a big decision to make when offered a headlining role in Las Vegas.

Ice Loves Coco News

Ice-T Furious Over CoCo & AP.9 Pics!

Rapper Ice-T is NOT happy over pictures that surfaced of his wife, CoCo, snuggling up to rapper AP.9 in Las Vegas. The “Ice Loves CoCo” star took to his Twitter to release some frustration. “Don’t get it twisted, I’m not happy about this s**t. Most of [the pictures] are disrespectful and in bad taste. She’s made me look and feel like s**t. I say this on Twitter because there’s no way to avoid the obvious misconduct of a married couple.” Surely he must be overreacting about the pictures, right? I mean how bad can they—okay, they’re pretty bad.

Episode 'Ice Loves Coco' Season 1, Episode 2 - 'Baby's Got Baby?' Recap

Another average morning at Ice-T and Coco’s penthouse where he is playing video games and cussing up a storm while she obsessively cleans their home clad only in marabou high heels, a full face of make up and the teeniest, tightest purple nightie ever.  They talk more about Coco’s alleged OCD while she appears to Windex the sofa.  Coco’s sister is coming to visit and she wants everything to be perfect. The first thing Coco does is take her shoe shopping in the meatpacking district.

Episode 'Ice Loves Coco' Season 1, Episode 1 - 'Baby's Got Bridal' Recap

The show opens with Ice and Coco talking about how they’re just a an old-fashioned, traditional couple.  This is of course, intercut with footage of them hanging out in their New Jersey penthouse comparing twitter hits while Coco makes Ice a breakfast sandwich in her nightgown. We learn that these lovebirds have been together for 10 years and have only one phone between them.  I guess we’re supposed to think that’s sweet, but it sits kind of weird with me, like when a couple has only one joint email account and you can’t write to one of them without writing to both of them.

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