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Ice Pilots is a reality television show that is produced by the History Canada Channel. It follows a group of pilots and ground workers for the Buffalo Airline Company. The company is based in Yellow Knife Canada, and the show first started to air in 2009. The Buffalo Airline Company offers chartered flights to remote Canadian outposts. They deliver ferry passengers to locations that cannot be reached by road, and they also haul in a large amount of equipment to remote mining and drilling outposts.

Ice Pilots has followed several pilots, ground couriers, and managers over the course of its five seasons. It deals a lot with the nature of the type of persons who decide to work for a remote chartered airline company, the challenges they face, and how they interact with each other. The series also explored what happens to these persons over the course of several years.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
2 Seasons, 27 Episodes - Currently Airing
April 22, 2011
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  • Rookie waterbomber pilot Scott gets his first taste of action when Buffalo responds to an emergency callout to fight fires in Alberta. Mikey and Rod think they hit the jackpot when they buy a million dollar firefighting plane on eBay at a bargain price. Joe marks his 50 years of flying by returning to the place he grew up in his historic Norseman. And Arnie shows up in Yellowknife to cheer on daughter Caitlin in a cancer fundraiser.

  • Mechanic Jimmy is sent to a northern mining camp to create an ice landing strip on a remote lake where AJ will have to land a DC-3 and the much bigger C-46. New co-pilot Tyler faces the ultimate test - flying the sked with Joe. And Mikey turns the Buffalo hangar into a playhouse for his niece's first birthday.

  • Duane's choice to leave the Electra crew unsupervised, threatens the completion of a major contract, and could cost him his job. Young DC-3 co-pilot Graeme's chance to move up to a bigger plane is ruined when he falls out of favor with Joe.

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