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The Mexican Telenovena La Rosa De Guadelupe was one of Mexico's most popular TV show, as its unique plot was even aired in different countries. There aren't many TV shows like this one, which is why until now, people are watching the reruns. It is a great show that everyone should consider watching, as one can learn life lessons from it.

This TV show used to air twice a week. In every episode the audience is given the opportunity to see a miracle actually come true from the Virgin of the Guadalupe. The story shows how when you pray toward the virgin and place a rose in her presence and the rose doesn't fade away, then your wish will come true. This is basically where the title of the show was made from; "The Rose of the Guadalupe". Every episode has different characters acting and different stories.

This show is very inspirational and despite the not so positive reviews from critics, it was still awaited by many all over the world. The show encourages people to continuously pray, as these miracles can happen in real life when you truly believe.

Religious and non-religious people will find the show to be very interesting and entertaining all at the same time. Each episode will intrigue you into watching more episodes, as every episode has a different story. Anyone in any race or country will find the show to be very unique and different from any other show they have watched in the past.

This is exactly why this show was one of Mexico's most popular shows ever. The stories of all the episodes were relatable to regular people and that made people really interested in watching the next episodes. Everyone should consider watching a couple episodes of this show, as it will inspire and motivate you to pray and believe in miracles. Miraculous things can happen as long as you have the faith, and this show proves that belief as true.

1 Season, 387 Episodes - Ended
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La Rosa de Guadalupe Full Episode Guide

  • Una joven muy estudiosa sorprende a todos con sus habilidades deportivas.

  • Un joven tendrá que aprender que en el verdadero amor no existe la violencia.

  • Un joven conoce a una chica que es mecánico y se burla de ella pues cree que no podrá arreglar su coche. El joven se enamora de la chica y le pide que sea su novia, pero cuando ella descubre que el le robó un diseño de motor decide terminar con él.

  • Un niño encuentra a un bebé en la basura y su madre decide adoptarlo. El bebé se convierte en un gran futbolista, cuando está a punto de tener una carrera profesional decide casarse con la joven de la que está enamorado y abandonar su carrera.

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