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Set in the fictional town of Mayfield, "Leave It To Beaver" is a classic and timeless family-oriented situational comedy. The show revolves around a young suburban boy named Theodore Cleaver who is nicknamed 'Beaver' and his family. Being a curious and trusting boy 'Beaver' has a knack for getting himself into unusual situations that are actually humorous. With his friends Whitey Whitney, Larry Mondellow and Gilbert Bates, Beaver regularly finds himself getting into trouble with his parents, teachers and other authority figures.

Although Beaver's motives are good, things sometimes don't work out like he innocently thinks they will. His older brother Wally often tries to help Beaver get out of predicaments but things frequently become complicated.

No matter what type of trouble Beaver and Wally get into they always end up confessing to their parents what they have done and their parents always try to hand out appropriate punishment.

Among Wally's friends are Clarence 'Lumpy' Rutherford and Eddie Haskell. Both of these friends are practical jokers but especially Eddie. He is quite sarcastic and scheming but he always acts very polite to the Cleaver brother's parents.

School figures prominently in "Leave It To Beaver". Many of the episodes focus on either Beaver or Wally's school activities. Whether it's Beaver getting locked in the principal's office or taking an I.Q. test or Wally attending a high school dance there is always something going on at their schools.

Some of the plot lines on the show include the boys building a boat, spending stolen money, playing hooky from school, going on a blind date and sending away for items that cannot be paid for.

The cast members of "Leave It To Beaver" include Jerry Mathers as Theodore 'Beaver' Cleaver, Tony Dow as Wally Cleaver, Barbara Billingsley as their mother June Cleaver and Hugh Beaumont as their father Ward Cleaver.

"Leave It To Beaver" aired on prime time television for six seasons and it is still very popular today.

6 Seasons, 234 Episodes - Canceled
October 4, 1957
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Leave It to Beaver Full Episode Guide

  • While cleaning, June runs across an old family scrapbook and gathers the family together to reminisce about the past six years. The Cleavers remember scenes from previous episodes including: Beaver Gets 'Spelled, New Neighbors, My Brother's Girl, The Shave, Beaver Runs Away, Larry Hides Out, Teacher Comes to Dinner, and Wally's Election.

  • Beaver's school is having a clothing drive and who ever brings in the most clothes is awarded 1000 school points. June, Ward and Wally round up all the old clothes they can find and put them in a box and right next to the box are three good suits of Ward's that are to be cleaned and of course Beaver mistakes them as items for the clothing drive. This leaves Ward with the task of asking for the suits back.

  • Beaver has the chance to travel around the country for six weeks during the summer and he's all excited about it. However, he quickly realizes when he's gone Gilbert will go after the girl Beaver has a crush on, Mary Margaret. But he quickly realizes, there's more to life than Mary Margaret.

  • After graduation, an all-night party is set to begin, which has June and Ward very wary. They aren't sure if they should allow Wally to attend. Meanwhile, Wally's date for the party has the same problem. This leads her to invite Wally to meet her folks and put their worries to rest.

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