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Let's Make a Deal is a game show that appears on the CBS network. It is hosted by comedian Wayne Brady who most people will probably know from the show Who's Line Is It Anyway? The game show is very fun and most of the studio audience members dress in costumes. For example, someone may dress as a pack of playing cards and attach a sign saying pick me to get the attention of the host.

The games are very simple and often involve the old adage do you keep what you have or go for it all. In various situations, a contestant will be asked to pick a curtain. The host often asks them if they would like a sum of money instead of looking behind the curtain to see if there are prizes behind it. Some people go for it and take the money while others go for the curtain and either find great prizes inside or a zonk.

A zonk is a gag such as an old beat up car, farm animals, or other items that contestants do not want but will find amusing. The show is all about chance and the games allow people to get a shot at winning cars, cash, and other items. There is always a lot of funny banter between the host, announcer, and all of the contestants during the games.

At the end of the show, there is the big deal of the day. This is when people who have won the most money in cash and prizes can decide to trade what they have for a chance at a big deal which usually exceeds $15,000. There are three curtains involved and no zonks so the person does not have a lot to lose. Contestants often win cars, boats, trips, and even cash during this segment of the show.

Finally, at the very end of the show the host, the announcer, and even some of the girls who model the prizes go into the audience and ask audience members if they have certain items on them. If they do then they often received $100.

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  • Contestants come dressed up to compete for cash and prizes.

  • Contestants come dressed up to compete for cash and prizes.

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