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The Disney Junior animated television series called Little Einstein is a great show for preschool kids because they learn from the show. The show and its characters were developed by Douglas Wood and his talented team. The show has been in-existence since October 2005. The main purpose for the show is to incorporate the arts into the plot and scenery of every episode. The children who watch the show are encouraged to participate in the show as the character give out verbal commands.

Leo is known for saying "Mission Completion!" at the ends of each episode, and this is followed by the curtain call. One of the main character of the show is a four year girl named Annie, and she enjoys singing and being around animals. She particularly likes dolphins and horses. She is the beloved little sister of Leo. Leo is Annie's six year old brother. He is the lead of the Little Einstein and the one who pilots the Rocket. He really enjoys his baton, and he really enjoys conducting as never seems to be without them. Leo really likes conducting cows.

June is also six years-old, but she looks older than she actually is. She loves to dance and to look at the stars with her telescope each night. She is a little bit of a tomboy but she loves the arts too. Quincy is a five year-old boy who enjoys playing many different kinds of instruments such as: the trumpet, the violin, and the guitar.

Each one of the members of the team have a unique quality about that as each one has a quality that no one else on the team has. These are just some of the main characters of the show as there are plenty of characters who not mentioned in this article. This is a good show for preschoolers to watch because it will get them thinking!

Disney Junior
2 Seasons, 67 Episodes - Canceled
April 4, 2006
Animation & Cartoons, Children, Family
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Little Einsteins Full Episode Guide

  • Big Jet steals the items the Little Einsteins bring for Show and Tell, the team follow him to Mexico to get the items back.

  • The Little Einsteins are playing with Fire Truck Rocket, then all of a sudden they see smoke billowing from a rumbling volcano, Fire Truck Rocket and the team are off to the rescue.

  • The Little Einsteins try to hide the three baby bugs from the Big Bad Wolf.

  • When the Little Einsteins look through June's telescope they find a Musical Robot flying through outer space.

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