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The animated Magi-Nation television series is set in a place named the Moonlands. The main star of the show is a boy from Earth who has been selected to come to the Moonlands to retrieve a set of powerful 'Dreamstones' which are needed to keep the Moonlands safe. On a regular basis the boy experiences challenging adventures and encounters a wide range of magical creatures both good and evil. Among the creatures that figure prominently in Magi-Nation are good and bad Magis and Dream Creatures.

The boy from Earth who is named Tony has some good friends in the Moonlands who help him in his quest to find the Dreamstones. Among them are a girl named Edyn and his special Dream Creature named Furok.

While trying to retrieve the Dreamstones Tony and his good Magi allies must regularly engage in battle with an array of evil Shadow Magi who are intent upon stopping Tony from accessing the stones.

The Moonlands are comprised of several different types of geographical land masses. Naroom is a green, vegetated area filled with many trees. Kybar's Teeth is a mountainous area and the Paradwyn region is mostly jungle.

A desert section of the Moonlands is known as the Sands of D'resh, a volcanic area is named Cald and the name of the swampy section is Bograth. A particularly challenging region of the Moonlands is called The Weave. In this region of the Moonlands a very long type of grass grows. This type of grass can be weaved into roads, buildings and other objects.

An underwater city and an underground area filled with caves are part of the Moonlands as is The Core which is where many of the evil Shadow Magi dwell.

The animation work on Magi-Nation is modern anime style with great attention to detail provided. Vivid colors and lots of fast-paced action are present in each episode of Magi-Nation. This television show is based upon a popular card game that features illustrated cards that are widely collected and traded.

The CW
2 Seasons, 52 Episodes - Canceled
September 8, 2007
Children, Animation & Cartoons, Action & Adventure
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Magi-Nation Full Episode Guide

  • The Final Hyren quest comes to an end, but who will be victorious? The Final Dreamers or Gorgram?

  • The Final Dreamers join forces with an unlikely ally to help save Tony's grandfather from the Shadow Magi.

  • The Final Dreamers return to the Underneath to rescue Strag's father and finally put an end to Emperor Chur's evil reign.

  • The Final Dreamers are closer to completing their quest, but they still can't figure out the secret to summoning the Final Hyren!

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