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As the name suggests, the sitcom's main characters are Mike Biggs and Molly Flynn. Mike is a Chicago police officer and Molly is an elementary school teacher. Both struggle with their weight issues and attend a support group. That is how they met and started dating.

Mike's main family and friends consist of his mother Peggy Biggs, his work partner Carlton (Carl) McMillan, and Samuel, the African waiter at Carl's and Mike's favorite restaurant. Later on Mike's father, Jack, who left Peggy a long time ago for a prostitute, appears as well.

In addition to her relationship with Mike, the show focuses on Molly's sister Victoria, their mother Joyce and occasionally her teaching career. Molly is not only physically different from her family, they are both very slender, but also seems more level-headed.

Victoria and Joyce are hardly ever without a big glass of red wine, and Victoria is also high most of the time on marijuana. Mike knows about this, but does not arrest her and even jokes about it at times. Joyce eventually gets engaged to Vincent, a chauvinistic man she first tried to hook Molly up with.

Other than that, Molly does not seem to have her own friendship circle, although she befriends Mike's friends later. However, her relationship with Peggy, despite Molly's efforts, is rocky and they often butt heads, especially over Mile.

Some of the funniest scenes of the sitcom take place between Mike and Carl when they discuss life, relationships and food in the patrol car. While they are cops, neither of them is particularly courageous. Their favorite hangout is the restaurant where Samuel works, who often makes derogatory comments about Mike's dietary habits, Carl's choice of women and about poverty in his home country of Senegal.

Carl teases Mike mercilessly, but at home he is at the receiving end of his grandmother Rosetta's biting tongue. Despite her church-going ways, a lot of her jokes hit Carl below the belt.

Mike's relationship with his mother is characterized by her need to control him, but she genuinely cares about him. Peggy also dotes on Jim, her faithful canine companion whom she sometimes treats better than Mike.

Mike and Molly's relationship progresses from dating to him moving in with her, to engagement to marriage. They deal with any issues that couples have, including intimacy and family issues as well as the never-ending battle with their weight.

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Mike & Molly Full Episode Guide

  • Mike and Molly have to try and rescind Carl's invitation to their anniversary cruise.

  • Carl has a near-death experience, and decides to propose to Victoria.

  • Mike and his Aunt Rosemary finally meet and he is shocked at how different she is than his mother.

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'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 21: 'This Old Peggy'

Mike and Molly show up to dinner at Peggy's, but Peggy has forgotten about inviting them. She's distracted by the fact that her ceiling is leaking... and then when it caves in and the bathtub falls down through it. Carl and Samuel come to help Mike repair the ceiling. Peggy admits to Mike that she forgot to turn the tub off and left it on all night... and day. Vince and Joyce suggest that maybe Peggy's age had something to do with it. Molly thinks perhaps that Peggy did it on purpose so Mike would have to spend time over there fixing things.

'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 20: 'Sex, Lies, and Helicopters'

Everyone goes out for Mike and Molly's anniversary. Mike and Molly head out early to have some time alone... In the middle of the night, Molly gets up, and runs into Carl sneaking out of Victoria's room. In the morning Molly confronts Victoria and yells at her. She tells her she can't throw Carl away like every other man. They are determined to keep it a secret from Mike, who will flip. Mike thinks that Molly bought him a remote control helicopter. He talks about the secret gift he thinks Molly is hiding, but Carl misinterprets and Mike finds out the truth.

'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 19: 'Who's Afraid of J.C. Small?'

While driving around, Mike and Carl spot a car up on the curb. It's Molly's writer "friend," passed out. She wakes up, still drunk, and tells them she's looking for her car. She tries to drive off without a license. Mike and Carl take her into the station. Molly comes to get her, since no one else will. She brings J.C. home, and notices a manuscript on her coffee table. The phone rings and J.C. ignores it, but Molly cannot and takes a message from her publisher, demanding the book.

'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 18: 'Mike's Manifold Destiny'

Mike and Molly are on their way to dinner when Mike's beloved but decrepit car breaks down on the side of the road. Carl, Vince, and Samuel look at the car, but declare she is dead. It's time for a new one. Carl offers Mike a loan, but he refuses. Molly and Victoria offer to let him use their cars, and Joyce can give him rides. However as the girls talk it gets complicated... Mike is going stir crazy on the couch, now that his car is gone and he can't access his freedom. Vince offers to let him use his car.

'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 17: 'McMillan and Mom'

Mike and Carl have busted a gun-running "gang" of two, and are writing up the report. Carl gets a call, apparently from his mother, but his mother is dead. Carl takes the phone and speaks with her, confused. She is in a hospital in Memphis, sick, and seems convincing. Carl has always been told by his grandmother that his mother was dead, so he's not sure what to think. At home Molly speculates on what may have happened. Carl shows up, drunk. He says his grandmother lied, and his mother is actually alive.

'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 16: 'The Dice Lady Cometh'

Molly, Victoria, and Joyce prepare to leave for a girl's weekend at a casino. Meanwhile Mike is having a boy's weekend, with plenty of junk food. Carl stops him, and reminds him the department fitness test is coming up. In an effort to shut him up, Mike goes to the basement to press 60% of his bodyweight. Carl reminds him he also has to run a mile. Molly has determined not to gamble, only to relax, but after her massage Joyce and Victoria talk her into shooting at one of the tables.

'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 16: 'Three Girls and an Urn'

Molly and Mike go to Peggy's, where she has a surprise waiting: it's Peggy's childhood friend and Mike's godmother, Kay. Molly takes to Kay immediately. She finds out Kay wants to go to the art museum the next day, and wants to go. Peg gets annoyed that Kay and Molly are going to spend time together, and tells Molly to get her own friends. Mike warns Molly to not get involved and make Peggy mad, and to just leave Kay alone. However he knows (correctly) that telling Molly not to do something is futile.

'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 15: 'Rich Man, Poor Girl'

Victoria brings home her new man, James. Joyce and Vince moon over him. Mike gets a little jealous over how well they're treating him, but Molly reminds him that Victoria loves to dump good guys. Mike discusses it over food with Carl. Apparently Victoria isn't into nice guys. They wonder over why girls like bad guys. Joyce and Vince attempt to Google James to Internet stalk him, though Molly warns them it's futile to get attached. Victoria comes in from training for a 10K, and has given up smoking weed for her lawyer boyfriend.

'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 14: 'Open Mike Night'

Samuel is an official American citizen! Everyone celebrates with some drinks. Samuel invites them to go to open mic night. He's always wanted to perform but hasn't had the courage: Molly encourages him to go up. She also encourages Harry to cut the apron strings, but Mike warns her she shouldn't meddle. At work, Samuel practices his stand up comedy in an attempt to get prepared for open mic night. His jokes fall flat, until he begins to make fun of Mike. Harry bursts into the house.

'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 12: 'Dips and Salsa'

Molly brings Mike to a Salsa for Beginners class. Mike hates it. He does it once, but when Molly tells him it's ten classes, he resists. Molly asks him to do it for her and he gives in. Mike complains to Carl, but Carl loves salsa dancing. Mike suggests Carl dance with Molly instead. Carl happily takes her, and is interested with the sexy female dance instructor. He gets partnered with her and shows off his moves, which are quite impressive. At home, Mike is happily sitting around the house.

'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 11: 'Weekend at Peggy's'

Molly finds herself locked out of the house, with the spare key missing from its position. She calls for Victoria but gets no response. Finally Victoria comes out, but Molly has fallen in a snow drift, and Victoria gets locked out as well. They try to stay calm... Molly breaks the window. Joyce is angry about fixing the window and the broken gnome they used to bust it. She adds it to the money Molly owes her. Molly tells Mike about it, and is furious that Joyce always holds her debt over her head.

'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 10: 'Mike and Molly's Excellent Adventure'

Molly comes down to show Mike that she was published. She wrote a small article that was published on a national blog. However, she doesn't get paid for it. Mike wants to take her out to celebrate. He brings her to the diner, where she tells Carl and Samuel her news and is congratulated. After their meal Molly is still ready to celebrate. She wants to go inside a showroom and look at expensive cars, despite Mike's protests. She tells him to just pretend, and fakes a British accent while talking to the salesman.

'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 9: 'What Molly Hath Wrought'

Molly pages through her manuscript, realizing it is terrible (as she drinks hardcore). She attempts to rip it to pieces. Mike comes into the kitchen and asks her what's wrong. She explains that her book is a disaster, and sets it on fire. The next morning, Molly is puking in the toilet. Joyce brings her a hangover cure, and she and Victoria pull her out of the bathroom. She's horrified that she quit her job to pursue writing. Joyce's hangover cure is mostly vodka, and Molly chokes it down.

'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 7: 'They Shoot Asses, Don't They?'

Carl and Mike go into a convenience store, accidentally interrupting a hold-up. There is a tussle, and Mike is shot as he takes the man down with a can of Diet coke... shot in the backside. Mike is taken to the hospital, where Molly meets him. He gets taken home, and wants to go to bed as Carl, Molly, and Peggy fight over who gets to take care of him. Mike wakes in the middle of the night, unable to get comfortable. Molly asks him if he wants to talk about what he went through, but he wants to just go watch T.

'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 6: 'Shoeless Molly Flynn'

Mike is in the kitchen going over credit card statements and bills. Mike has some ideas where they can cut back but Molly counters his offers. Molly attempts to protect her water cooler, but ends up spilling the jug of water everywhere and knocking herself over. Over breakfast with Carl and Samuel, Mike admits he's having nightmares about losing control of his life and money. Molly stares in store windows at shoes she has promised Mike she will not buy. She convinces Victoria to go in and try them on for her.

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