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Mission Impossible is an American television series about a group of undercover agents known as the Impossible Missions Force (IMF). The force, led by Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) go on dangerous undercover missions to bust crime lords, dictators, and evil governments. The original team leader, Dan Briggs (Steven Hill) was on the show's first season and was replaced by Phelps. The show begins with a recorded tape relaying mission instructions followed by the tape smoking then self destructing. Voice over actor Robert Johnson read the instructions. The highly popular Mission Impossible theme was created and conducted by Lalo Schifrin. He also won two Grammy Awards for his contributions on the show. The show has also won awards for writing, acting and outstanding series.

Jim Phelps was the only full time operative within the IMF. The team members Cinnamon Carter (Barbara Bain), Barnard Collier (Greg Morris), William Armitage (Peter Lupus), and Rollin Hand (Martin Landau). Other agents include Dr. Doug Roberts (Sam Elliot), Lisa Casey (Linda Day George), The Great Paris (Leonard Nimoy), and Mimi Davis (Barbara Anderson). Each agent was called upon to utilize their special talents to help complete the mission.

Like many spy shows of the 60s and 70s, much emphasis was placed on Cold War themes. However, several of the countries were given fictitious names. The missions by the IMF are carried out in complete secrecy, hence the recorded tape self destructing. The team always formulated a plan to carry out the mission. In several episodes Hand was called upon to use his latex makeup to either impersonate a villain or alter his own looks. Several episodes also used the peel off method where the agent would remove a mask revealing his true identity. Mission Impossible is considered one of the most innovative shows ever produced in terms of music scoring, suspense, and the use of close up shots.

7 Seasons, 171 Episodes - Canceled
September 17, 1966
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Mission Impossible Full Episode Guide

  • Although she openly professes her love for Barney, Jena's greed for the fortune in jewels leads her to send him off to what she thinks will be his certain death.

  • With Casey distracting Cleve during a few romantic interludes and Phelps posing as a government geologist with gambling debts and access to some top secret government information, all seems to be going well until Cleve's ex-partner attempts to kill him right under the nose of his bodyguard played by Michael Ansara.

  • To gain access to Pendulum, the IMF convinces Malstrom that it is running an international terrorist organization more powerful than his own and makes him a convincing offer to join forces.

  • To infiltrate Hibbing's organization, Casey impersonates his drug-taking daughter Margaret, played by guest Jenny Sullivan, daughter of actor Barry Sullivan; and as part of his plan he sets off the motorcycle chase.

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