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Modern Marvels is a documentary television show on the History channel that has been apart of the History Channel broadcasting lineup since 1993. It features over 660 episodes on various topics, showcasing how many everyday items are made. It features behind the scenes look at topics ranging from agriculture, science, technological innovations, industry and mass production to showing how stadiums, international landmarks and historical beacons were made.

Modern Marvels was created by television producer Bruce Nash who has created other reality television shows such as Before They Were Stars, Who Wants to Be a Superhero? with comic book legend Stan Lee for Sci-Fi Channel and Most Shocking for truTV. Currently, Don Cambou is the executive producer for Actuality Productions, the production company behind the series.

The show has been a staple on the History channel for nearly 20 years and has started to replay older episodes edited down to 30 minute blocks, as opposed to the show's normal 60 minute run time. The show has been narrated by numerous voice actors but the current and longest lasting narrator is Max Raphael, who has narrated numerous History Channel shows in the past. Past narrators include Will Lyman, Jack Perkins and Bill Ratner, who has been featured on numerous documentary television shows and as the voice of Flint from G.I. Joe.

The History Channel has taken special episodes and re-tooled them to be stand alone series. One of these was Ice Road Truckers, which originally aired in 2000 as part of the series Suicide Missions. Since then, Ice Road Truckers has been called one of the most successful repackaged shows in television history.

In addition to Modern Marvels, the shows producers have also incorporated sub-series known as Engineering Disasters, a show that focuses on when technology has harmed rather than helped. There have been 22 episodes produced have featured topics such as plane crashes, bridges collapsing and a feature on the disaster in New Orleans.

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  • Dissecting actual footage of disasters and what engineers can change to help prepare the world for these types of hardships.

  • The variety of jobs in America is endless--but some have to be seen to be believed. Our countdown of the top ten most fascinating jobs from our archives proves how daring and innovative the American worker can be. A nationwide quest finds amazing jobholders in the wild blue yonder and the depths of a secret occupations ranging from the daffy to the dangerous to the downright creepy. And at the end of our journey, we find two business partners performing a job so perilous that one misstep can be deadly.

  • America has always prided itself on its technological strength - and this countdown embarks on an odyssey featuring the strongest of the strong.

  • The only thing harder than resisting our favorite snacks is ranking them. But this special episode of Modern Marvels counts down the top ten lip-smacking treats Americans love most. We raid the pantry--and our rich archives--showcasing the indulgently decadent, the heart-healthy, and the wildly delicious spectrum of grab-and-go delights in between. It's a nationwide culinary journey leading to our number 1 choice--a snack so irresistible that Americans consume almost half the world's supply.

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