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Adrian Monk is an obsessive compulsive ex-cop who still ‘helps' the San Francisco police department solve its most baffling crimes. The series begins when Monk's beloved wife Trudy dies and he as a result becomes so distraught and mentally and emotionally unstable. He must step down from the police department and even has to hire a nurse, Sherona Fleming to help him cope. With Sherona's help though, Adrian begins to rejoin society although in a less than perfect manner. His friend's at the police department, Captain Leland Stottlemeyer and Lieutenant Randy Disher call him the ‘defective detective.'

Monk's phobias and paranoia inadvertently give him insights into things the others around him miss and thus make him the expert that he is. The parade of characters and killers provide for a backdrop of quizzical escapades that most would find a distraction, but they only seem to press Monk on until he finds the solution to every case.

Eventually, Adrian's nurse Sherona moves on but he finds her replacement in Natalie Teeger, a single mom who becomes his personal assistant. Her one constant complaint is his notorious tightfisted. He eventually endears himself to her and she accompanies him on all his investigations. All the while, solving his wife Trudy's death remains the back story.

Everyone who deals with Monk becomes exasperated almost immediately but as the series continues we see that all the characters have little idiosyncrasies. And they all add to the charm of this first rate mystery solving spectacle!

8 Seasons, 125 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
Drama, Comedy
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  • After listening to Trudy's last message, Monk finally discovers who killed his wife. Racing against time before he dies of poison, he must make a fateful decision.

  • Monk is called to a crime at the location where he first heard the news of his wife's murder and begins the most important investigation of his life.

  • Upon being reinstated, Monk is put in charge of tracking down a serial killer.

  • Monk is hunting for the person who's trying to sabotage the wedding of someone close to him.

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