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My Wife and Kids is a situation comedy about a man and his family. The show is centered around the father Micheal Kyle, whose character is played by Damon Wayans. He plays a loving husband and father and is very much involved in the ever-day affairs of his children. The show often depicts him finding creative and imaginative ways to catch and provide guidance to his children when they get into mischief.

Micheal's wife Janet Kyle, whose character is played by Tisha Campbell Martin, is a career woman who often finds herself in the position of restraining Damon's character so that he doesn't go overboard with his creative antics. She provides love and counsel for her three children and her husband who keep her quite busy.

The children Kady Kyle, Junior Kyle and Claire Kyle provide loads of age-appropriate issues for both Damon and Tisha's characters to deal with. The youngest child, who is played by Parker Mckenna Posey, is an adorable little girl who, as she gets older, has to transition from the cute kid who can do no wrong to the awkward little girl who is not so cute anymore. However, no one finds her more adorable than Franklin Aloysius Mumford, whose character, played by Noah Cabey, has a recurring supporting role on the show.

Micheal Kyle Jr. is the oldest son, and he is constantly falling short in the brains department. His character, played by George Gore II, is an absent-minded individual who has to keep a notebook of all the dumb things that he does or says in a day. This was one of the creative suggestions of the father, Micheal Kyle. George's character provides a ton of laughs and keeps Damon's character on his toes constantly.

Claire Kyle is the middle child in the Kyle family. Her character, who is played by Jennifer Freeman, is a beautiful teenage girl who often relies on her beauty instead of her brains. She is extremely clumsy and is the typical boy crazed teenage girl. In the show, she spends most of her time being courted by Tony, played by Andrew Mcfarlane, whose character is consumed by Claire's beauty, which is torture for him because he is a devout Christian and has no plans for sex before marriage. My wife and Kids is a family show that everyone can enjoy.

5 Seasons, 124 Episodes - Canceled
March 28, 2001
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My Wife and Kids Full Episode Guide

  • Jay and Michael decided that since they are finally finish raising the kids and that they are all grown up, the two can have some quality time with each other. Jay just has one demand to make of Michael- get a vascetomy.

  • Michael wants to visit the Grand Canyon in the new RV that he has bought. A family trip in the RV features getting lost and the fact Michale failed to read the instructions to the RV.

  • With a lucrative bid from a large company offering to purchase Kyle Trucking, Michael convinces Jay that, if they sold their business, they'd be able to spend more quality time with Jr., Jr. and watch him grow up -- something they wish they could have done more of with their own kids. But the offer goes bust and Michael's nemesis, Bobby Shaw, comes up with a surprising proposal. Meanwhile, Kady and Claire antagonize each other over who gets to spend more time in the bathroom.

  • Jay's big day on graduating at her college is just under the way but actually it's being distracted she believes that every little bad thing that is happening is because of Michael.

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