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Series Length:1 Season, 8 Episodes
Schedule: Saturday 9:00 PM et/pt on BBC One

BBC One brings viewers, Outcasts, an eight-part drama series featuring a brave group of pioneers who receive the opportunity to receive a chance at improving their lives by building a new, much better future on another planet.

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Status: Currently Airing
Rating: 8.4/10
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  • After a deadly virus breaks out on Forthaven, Tate and Stella are concerned that it's the host force answering their attempts at communication. Berger thinks that the ACs are to blame for the outbreak after revealing a devastating secret about Fleur and attempts to bringing down Tate's government and introduce a whole new order.

  • Tate believes that there is a superior host force on Carpathia and Stella bcomes determined to work out a way to talk to it. Cass discovers a note that threatens to expose his real identity. After getting drunk he picks up a woman and takes her home. The following morning he discovers her going through his belongings, opening the box that holds his witness protection documents. She manages to get away after he thinks she is the person who sent him the note.

  • Three of the expeditionaries missing outside the settlement for several days and as hope of locating them dwindles one of them, Josie Hunter, arrives back at the settlement. Josie is pleased to be back with her family and Forthaven celebrates her sudden return. Her children though can not communicate with her and reports of her attack on a fellow XP outside the perimeter begins to circulate.

  • A man arrives at a bar in Forthaven with a load of diamonds and stories of "bodies" outside the compound. He claims that he lives by Carpathia's ocean which seems to be impossible as it'sknown as a radiation hotspot. After a fight breaks out and Cass and Fleur are called in and they end up following the man.

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