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Set in the year 2060, on a fictional planet called Carpathia. Because Carpathia is 5 years away from the planet earth, they rarely receive news from the planet, which was nearly destroyed due to nuclear explosion.

Saturday 9:00 PM et/pt on BBC One
1 Season, 8 Episodes - Canceled
February 7, 2011
Science Fiction
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  • After a deadly virus breaks out on Forthaven, Tate and Stella are concerned that it's the host force answering their attempts at communication. Berger thinks that the ACs are to blame for the outbreak after revealing a devastating secret about Fleur and attempts to bringing down Tate's government and introduce a whole new order.

  • A man arrives at a bar in Forthaven with a load of diamonds and stories of "bodies" outside the compound. He claims that he lives by Carpathia's ocean which seems to be impossible as it'sknown as a radiation hotspot. After a fight breaks out and Cass and Fleur are called in and they end up following the man.

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