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Sometimes it happens that a child picks a significant other that does not meet the standards of their mother and father. What possible solution could there be for this problem? MTV came up with an entertaining and marginally effective reaction to this issue. Parental Control is a show on MTV where parents try to fix the problem that is their child's significant other.

The first part of this show is the presentation of the child and the current boyfriend/girlfriend. The parents go through and speak to how wonderful their son or daughter and proceed to say why their current boyfriend or girlfriend isn't up to par for their spectacular child. These problems range from the significant other stealing from the family to singing an obnoxious amount.

The second part of the show is a round of interviews. Both parents meet with about 20 or 30 different candidates that are interested in replacing their son or daughter's boyfriend or girlfriend. From those 20 or 30 candidates each parent picks one to go on the main part of the MTV show.

This third and main part is the date with the new dating options for the child. The son or daughter goes on a date with each candidate chosen, one by their mom and one by their dad. Each candidate designs a date for the son or daughter. They're usually very unorthodox and unique dates such as shearing sheep and pillow fighting with the wool, or skateboarding while being pulled by a small airplane. No matter what the odd date is, the two kids get to know each other in the process and it's either a hit or miss.

After the son or daughter goes on a date with both their mom's pick and their dad's pick, it is time for the fourth and final part of the show: the deliberation. The son or daughter stands before her three date-able candidates: their current significant other and the parents' two picks. He/she says what they like and dislike about each candidate and eliminates one, which is never the current significant other. Lastly, suspense builds and emotions run high when the child picks either their current boyfriend/girlfriend or one of their parents' picks. The show ends with a statement from the parents either expressing relief to be rid of the scummy mate their child had chosen, or disappointment with their child's choice.

2 Seasons, 40 Episodes - Canceled
February 6, 2006
Parental Control
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  • Andreale's parents are ready to kick her boyfriend to the curb.

  • Sheyna's parents are sick of her disgusting boyfriend.

  • Jason's parents are ready to ship out their son's obnoxious. loud mouthed girlfriend.

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