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NBC brings you a hilarious new comedy sitcom staring the popular comedian Amy Poehler, who brings her comedic genius and one of a kind humor and brings light to her perk down to earth character Leslie Knope. This is a hilarious comedy that is jam packed with hilarious mishaps and crazy- funny punch lines. This show is broadcasted nationwide on the T.V network NBC and was created by both Greg Daniels and Michael Schur. The show last for about half an hour and during that time brings its viewers hilarious comedy and crazy shenanigans. This T.V show stars a hilarious cast including: Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Aziz Anasari, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Scott, Rob Lowe, and Jim o' Heir. The parks and recreation T.V show is filmed as a documentary and takes its viewers into the invigorating world of local government and their workers.

The shows plot revolves around Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) a perky woman who works for the mid level bureaucrat in the made up town of Indiana. So, Leslie was given the task to help a local nurse called Ann Perkins (played by Rashida Jones) remodel an old dreary construction location and turn it into a fabulous and modern public park. But, things aren't as easy as they seem because, Leslie must deal with many inconveniences such as facing the opinion of many problematic bureaucrats, Difficult and nosy neighbors, and a whole team of crazy construction workers. And if things don't seem complicated enough, Leslie must also face all of her problems and juggle her mishaps while a film crew creates a documentary?..and film every one of Leslie's moves in the process.

During the process, Leslie is also assisted by Tom Haverford (played by Aziz Anasari) who is her coworker that is considering leaving his post at the city hall to pursue his own dreams.

Despite all the opposing forces trying to get in her way, and all the mishaps that come across her path, Leslie is fully committed in finishing her project, while also serving as a mentor to the in-over-her-head college intern, April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza.) And in the process Leslie will take all the necessary actions to reach her life's dream if becoming the president of the United States.

This T.V show is filled with hilarious humor, genius writing, catchy jokes, a laugh out loud funny cast, and many crazy scenarios and has been captivating its audiences everywhere.

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7 Seasons, 122 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
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Parks & Recreation Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, the gang finishes their last assignment together before saying goodbye to Pawnee.

  • Leslie offers assistance to Tom for an important night, while interviews are being conducted by Ben and April, and Ron eases into a big change with help from Andy and Donna.

  • Andy's TV show comes to an end as his friends come together to wish him the best.

  • Leslie and Ben are criticized for participating in an Old Pawnee tradition. April and Ron go on a scavenger hunt. Donna and Garry reminisce.

Parks & Recreation News

There Was a 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Easter Egg in the 'Parks & Recreation' Finale

Did you catch the Marvel reference in last night's "Parks & Recreation" finale? If you didn't, don't feel bad: it was only for a split second. But when you see it, you'll understand why it was in there! The Easter Egg was hidden in a scene that showed the future for April and Andy. It was Halloween, and the couple dressed up as Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole for old times' sake. But when some trick-or-treaters came to the door and Andy answered it, one of the kids was wearing a familiar costume: Star-Lord from "Guardians of the Galaxy!" Naturally, "Parks" had to fit one reference to Chris Pratt's other role in there before the show ended.

'Parks & Recreation' Finale Recap: How Did the Pawnee Gang End Up?

After seven seasons, "Parks & Recreation" came to a close tonight. So, how did everything end up for the Pawnee gang? The episode featured a lot of time jumping. One storyline took place in the "present" (which is actually a few years in the future), another took place about five years later, and others took place ten years later or more. In the present, Leslie rallies the troops one last time for a quick project: fixing a broken swing at a local park. During this time, Leslie has a heart-to-heart with all of her close friends and we get a look at their futures.

The 5 Best Episodes of 'Parks & Recreation' Ever, Ranked

Tonight marks the end of an era: "Parks & Recreation" will air its final episode, ending a seven-season run of some of the best comedy on television. So what better time than now to take a look back at some of the best episodes the show had to offer? 5. "Leslie and Ron" (Season 7, Episode 4) Impressively, one of the show's best episodes happened halfway through its final season when it would be easy to coast along and prepare for the finale instead.

'Parks & Recreation' Producer and Inventor of 'Humblebrag' Found Dead of Apparent Overdose

The comedy community has lost another to addiction. Harris Wittels, co-executive producer of "Parks & Recreation" on NBC, was found dead last night in his Los Angeles home. The cause of death has not been confirmed, but sources believe it was a drug overdose. Wittels also wrote for shows like "Eastbound & Down" and "The Sarah Silverman Program" before his time on "Parks & Rec." Those who watch "Parks & Rec" will also recognize Wittels as Harris, one of the two Animal Control guys in Pawnee.

'Parks & Recreation' Recap: What's New in 2017?

"Parks & Recreation" kicked off its final season tonight, showing us what the world will look like in the far-off future year of 2017. Let us tell you, so far 2017 does not look like a very good time. The gang is still there on the show (well, minus Rob Lowe's Chris Traeger and Rashida Jones' Ann Perkins), but things are very, very different than they were when we last saw them in 2014. Here's what's changed: Ben Wyatt is City Manager There's a reason Ben is all dressed up in a spiffy suit and bow tie: he's being honored at a gala for planning Pawnee's bicentennial celebration.

'Parks & Recreation' Sets Premiere and Finale Dates for Final Season

It's almost time to say goodbye to Pawnee. NBC has officially set the premiere and finale dates for the comedy, which will air a short but undoubtedly emotional set of episodes to cap off its final season in 2015. The season premiere will be on January 13, a Tuesday, at 8pm. From there, the show will air every week until the very last episode of the series, which will be on Tuesday, February 24. That means there are only seven episodes remaining, though the finale will be an hour-long special (naturally) so technically it counts as an eight-episode order.

Here's the First Trailer for Grumpy Cat's Lifetime Movie

Are you a person who thinks Garfield is too cheerful? Lifetime has the movie for you. "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever" is the network's made-for-TV offering that is exactly what it sounds like: a Christmas movie starring Grumpy Cat. The first trailer for the movie is out, and it's just about as ridiculous as you'd expect, with our titular feline heroine shooting bad guys with a paintball gun, among other shenanigans. "Parks & Recreation" star Aubrey Plaza is providing the voice of Grumpy Cat, a role originally offered to Jane Lynch.

Watch Amy Poehler Totally Own This Reporter On Male Privilege

Depending on which sites you frequent on the Internet, you might hear a lot of Men's Rights Activists talking about how hard it is to be a man today and how male privilege doesn't exist. The hilarious thing, of course, is that most of the injustices they talk about are the same ones that women have been dealing with for (literally) centuries, and the fact that they're just now discovering them perfectly illustrates male privilege. Enter Amy Poehler. The "Parks & Recreation" star is a noted feminist not only in her role as overachiever Leslie Knope, but also in her own life.

This One Time, Chris Pratt Showed Amy Poehler His Penis

Here's a workplace tip: Don't show one of your co-workers your penis. That should be obvious, but when you're Chris Pratt and you're on the set of "Parks & Recreation," sometimes it doesn't seem that black and white. The "Guardians of the Galaxy" star revealed a prank he pulled on "Parks" co-star Amy Poehler during a chat with Seth Meyers. As the story goes, Pratt (playing the generally clueless Andy Dwyer) was supposed to show up on Leslie Knope's doorstep, naked.

'Parks & Recreation' Creator Says Next Season Will Be the Last, Confirms Time Jump

Wondering what to make of last night's season finale of "Parks & Recreation?" So are we. For those who haven't watched the episode yet, there are spoilers ahead! Things were tied up nicely in last night's finale, as Leslie proved once again that she really can have it all. She took the job for the National Parks Service in Chicago, only she had one major demand...that her department be moved from Chicago to Pawnee. Since it was a sound financial decision, Leslie got her wish.

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