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Eugenia and Arturo De La Riva are husband and wife. They have been happily married for ten years and have a daughter, Aranza, who they love dearly. Little do they know that their family's happiness will be sorely interrupted. Sonia, a cousin of Aranza is secretly and compulsively in love with Arturo and tragedy will strike their family as a result of this obsession.

While the story of Arturo and Eugenia unfolds, Isabel Lopez Cerdan is experiencing a tragedy of her own. She has spent two years believing she is married to Fernando. She is in love and has never loved another the way she loves him. Unfortunately, she will soon discover that he is not the man she thinks he is.

After a series of inconceivable events, Arturo and Isabel cross paths. They believe they can help each other as they recover from their individual misfortunes. They have no way of knowing that their introduction will open the door to another series of enormous obstacles carefully constructed by both Aranza and Fernando, who’s actions prove that they have no intentions of leaving quietly.

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1 Season, 111 Episodes
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Por Siempre Mi Amor Full Episode Guide

  • Fernando le dispara a Sonia e intenta matar a Arturo, pero la policía logra arrestarlo. Marcela pierde la razón. Isabel logra tener a su bebé y la familia De la Riva finalmente disfruta su amor y felicidad.

  • Aranza le avisa a Sonia que ya tiene el dinero, ella la engaña para encerrarla con Arturo. Aranza y Arturo se enteran que Sonia mató a Eugenia. Marcela lleva a Isabel con Javier para intercambiarla por Arturo.

  • Dante le cuenta a Aranza que él era cómplice de Fernando. Aranza le pide a Sonia que la ayude a encontrar a Arturo, ella acepta a cambio de que le dé su fideicomiso. Aranza y Esteban se casan para poder cobrar el fideicomiso.

  • Marcela, en un ataque de locura, le dice a sus padres que se casará con el hombre que ama. Isabel logra desamarrarse y ataca a Marcela por la espalda.

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