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Developed for a Latin audience by Televisa Estudios of Mexico, this TV soap was produced by Juan Osorio, the creator of well known hits like Salome, and Duelo de Pasiones. Some of the principal characters also participated as actors in Velo de Novia, Mi Pecado, and Una familia con Suerte.

This is your not your run of the mill Latin American soap. A man named Jesus is the main character. The premise of the story is the search and acceptance of the long lost daughter by her father living in Chicago. While working delivering pizzas and studying during the night, Jesus finds out he is the father of seven year old Valentina who lives in Monterey, Mexico. Having not enough money to travel, he seeks the assistance of one of his customers. The friendly customer named Ury, looks more like a member of the mob than a friend. He gives him a plane ticket with one condition; to take a suitcase with him into Mexico. Of course nothing good comes out of it, and he gets arrested, booked and then later released. Without a job or money, he lives on the streets for a while.

To be with his daughter, he must first establish a home for her; starts looking for a job and it are always dismissed because of his police record. He meets two new characters at a job interview: Rogelio and Alma who own a factory and distribution company. Alma just happens to be the boss of her daughter's mother Veronica. Because she is not doing well, as a secretary, Veronica gets transferred to the warehouse, and Alma somehow ends up hiring Jesus as her secretary.

From that point the story develops more into a daily struggle for the father to be reunited with his daughter and the hate and envy everyone else working under Alma have against the new hire, Jesus. Alma starts developing an intimate relationship with Jesus, and this just makes the plot thicken.

1 Season, 182 Episodes - Canceled
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  • Verónica est'á arrepentida de todo lo malo que ha hecho y ofrece disculpas. Alma y Jesús unen sus vidas para siempre.

  • Verónica intenta matar a Jesús lanz'ándolo al río. Alma, Patricia y la policía llegan a la cabaña donde se encuentra Sat'án.

  • Verónica cita a Jesús en una cabaña, le prepara una cena rom'ántica y lo chantajea con la vida de Valentina.

  • Jesús y sus amigos llegan a la despedida de soltera de Alma. Verónica logra escapar de la policía y secuestra a Valetina para continuar con su venganza.

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