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Prime Suspect is based on a British television show of the same name remade for the American audience. This unconventional show takes a look into the New York City Homicide department with Detective Jane Timoney as the main character. Det. Jane Timoney is a complex individual with attitude and a vice. She is a gritty detective with so much going for her yet so much working against her.

Timoney gets a transfer to a new squad; she is an outsider where her co-workers already dislike her. They haven't even met her and they had decided that she isn't worth their time. Some of it is because of the fact that she is a woman. They question her due to the rumors that fly about how she got the job in the first place. She does her best to ignore that and just do her job the only way she knows how to do it. She is a confident and focused detective who is mainly concerned about the prime suspect. She would almost rather work alone. Single minded, her only goal is to catch the bad guy and she is exceptional at that. All the while she is working hard to overcome her vice, smoking, which is getting more difficult for her as the show goes on. Detective Jane Timoney is portrayed as a very human character with flaws that make her easy to relate to.

In a world where men dominate she rises above and proves herself over and over. Timoney is smart and always on a mission, that mission is detective work. She can be rude, abrupt and reckless but only concerned about doing her job. Sometimes her recklessness gets her into trouble and that makes for many twists and turns in the plot.

1 Season, 13 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
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  • Jane learns a jailed hit man might be responsible for the latest drive by at a local store.

  • Duffy and Calderon have the tough job of telling a grandmother that her young granddaughter was raped and murdered.

  • Jane and Evrard head over to Chinatown to look into a murder that happened during a game of mahjong.

  • A Jewish diamond dealer is found dead and Jane goes to his wife for answers.

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