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Quiero Mis Quinces is an entertaining TV Show, originally launched by MTVLA (MTV Networks Latinamerica) and Anima Studios. The TV Program is divided by episodes with different chapters within it, the storied build up to the 15 year old Birthday Party of one lucky girl, and they are presented step by step.

This is one of the most enchanting reality shows that presents Latin American teens in real life, in which they are organizing their fantastic Quinces Parties, a big event for celebrating the transition from being a girl to becoming a woman. Even if usually, girls (quinceañeras) are the ones who celebrate that date, with all the glitz, glamor and pageantry; once in a while, there are some spoiled boys, who don't want to lose the opportunity to celebrate this date to the fullest, so some of them celebrate this date in a big way as well.

In Quiero Mis Quinces Show, the viewer will have a front row seat with the following: Invitation Choice, Dress Selection Process, and this generally ends with the selection of more than one (for the religious ceremony and the dancing party afterwards); Other things that they viewer will have the opportunity to view during the show are things such as Decoration Discussions, Cake Decision Moment, Auditions for the Entertainment Parts (dancers, DJ, circus performers, and etc.), Main Dance Rehearsal in which the birthday girl will be the star of the moment (usually accompanied by friends, or even, professional dancers to make the dance more spectacular), and much more.

Certainly, everyone will watch in great detail how the Perfect Day develops, in which the girls and their families will leave behind all the stress after overcoming some challenges, to eventually enjoy everything they worked and waited for. A day in which, the best places, the most sensational music, the highest quality in food and unbelievable shows; will be shared with numerous friends and family members. And to make the celebration even more magnificent, the incredible gifts that are coming from the quinceañeras parents can be expected to be things such as luxury cars and the inclusion of famous singers that are a total surprise to teenagers who are having their grand event.

It is tremendous to watch how the fantasies, dreams, desires, extravagances and everything one could want; are fulfilled. Everyone will watch and have the opportunity to learn what types of things are the trends and what thing are now out of style, by them being able to see the most bizarre things that they could have ever imagined to the most classy and elegant thins that one could admire and appreciate. Without a doubt, Quiero Mis Quinces is a show full of surprises with unexpected situations, that will always have a happy ending. The show has many emotional moments, wonderful people and extraordinary parties, and this is something that almost anyone cannot wait to sit down, watch and enjoy.

7 Seasons, 54 Episodes
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  • Brigitte y Brishell son gemelas fraternales, y aunque estas chicas comparten un cumpleaños, no podrían ser m'ás diferentes!

  • Joselin ha amado los pavos reales por toda su vida, por lo que ni siquiera tienen que pensar acerca de un tema para sus Quince: Pavo real ha sido el tema de su vida!

  • Una alma anciana auto-proclamada, Jenn est'á obsesionada con todo relacionada con lo antiguo y el teatro, y debido a su amor por estas dos cosas, Jennifer est'á echandolo todo por la ventana para lanzar un Quince con tema de obra teatral renacentista.

  • Yuridiana prefirió no tener un quince, ya que no podría estar sucediendo en México. Después de reconsiderar su decisión, Yuridiana decidió darle una oportunidad a sus Quince en California. Su objetivo principal ser'á una fiesta lo m'ás mexicana posible.

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