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"Rake" started out in Australia and moved to the US. Not in real life, but on TV. It's an action-packed comedy-drama from show runner Peter Duncan starring, in the American version, Greg Kinnear, Peter Tolan, Richard Roxburgh, who is also in the Aussie version, and Michael Wimer. Fedora Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, and Essential Media are the production companies.

Kinnear stars as Keegan Deane, otherwise known as Rake. Miranda Otto plays his former wife, psychiatrist Maddy Deane. John Ortiz is Rake's best buddy from law school. The premise is Rake defends criminals, but his primary concern centers around personal trials. He leads a self-destructive lifestyle battling against everybody with his wits. He takes on judges, district attorneys, and the man, along with a variety of quirky opponents like his bookie and IRS agents.

Initial episodes were directed by Sam Raimi and written by Peter Duncan. They come out of the procedural legal drama school meaning they go through the courtroom process as the story unfolds. They revolve around Rake's attempts to balance his professional responsibilities with his stormy personal life. He defends quirky criminals in serious situations while trying to pay off gambling debts and dealing with obstructive police officers.

1 Season, 13 Episodes - Canceled
January 24, 2014
Comedy, Drama
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  • While being shadowed by a boy who bought "A Day With a Lawyer," Keegan (Greg Kinnear) represents a middle-aged man and his doting mother who have each confessed to the same crime. Guest starring Brian Baumgartner and Debra Mooney.

  • Keegan defends his friend, who is a well-respected doctor accused of animal cruelty, after an explicit personal video of his is stolen.

  • Now that Scarlet's campaign has commenced, Keegan must convince California's well-respected ex-governor, Mitch Markham, to finance and support her campaign.

  • Keegan defends Mikki's former pimp, Jules, who got into a fight with high-powered agent Max Fawcett. Because of Max's status in Los Angeles, none of the witnesses will come forward, despite Jules' innocence.

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